Hard and Discreet | CmmG’s ‘Guitar Case’ for your Rifle

Now you can have it hard and discreet—every man’s dream, right. We’re talking about a hard case for your rifle; get your head out of the gutter!

Guitar Hard Case

Okay, let’s get serious. Have you ever wanted to carry your weapons without a bunch of people staring you down? Well, if you’re anything like me, you don’t care too much about everyone knowing your business.

Savior Black Guitar Case

If that’s you, and you want to carry your rifles discreetly, now you can. We present to you, the Savior, Discreet Ultimate Guitar Hard Case by CmmG.

Of course, you might get a few onlookers waiting to see if you’re the next Eric Clapton (you’re not), but they won’t know that if you don’t open the case. Just tell them you’re all played out for the day.

Even better, the case is fully customizable for your preferred layout and gear configuration. Containing three thick foam inserts, you can cut the foam and alternate between three different layouts—just in case you actually want to put a guitar in there (or other firearms/gear).

Of course, there’s more to the case than what’s on the inside…yeah, that sounds a bit backward. Still, there’s a handle for side carry and the option of doing a top drag because it has enclosed wheels for more effortless movement—something you don’t typically see on a standard guitar case.

All that gear gets heavy, after all!

Savior Discreet Grey Guitar Case

But, like a normal guitar case, it does have a place to attach your lock. And beneath the lock (not included) is where your treasures lie.

Made of a high-impact polymer shell, with 6 latches and polyurethane ester foam sheets, we’re told the goods have some pretty top-notch protection, in either black, grey, or tan.

Now for the technical stuff.

Savior, Discreet Ultimate Guitar Hard Case Specs

Full Size: 46” H x 18” L x 6” W
Internal Size: 45” H x 17” L x 5” W
3x Interior Foam: 45” H x 1.5” W

If you’re interested in getting your own Ultimate Hard Guitar Case, you can visit CmmG directly—you don’t even have to own a guitar.

Ashley Bunch is the first Tennesse-born Mag Life...we think. She's an Air Force Security Forces veteran and former dog-handler-turned-journalist (like, real journalist, with an advanced degree and previous internships at big publications and everything). As you might expect from someone who works with us, she's a bit of a smartass, a dedicated student of the hoplological arts (and the recent recipient of a Masters Degree in Psychology!), an ardent traveler, and more than a bit of a foodie. Ashley is a dangerous girl, particularly if your first name is Channel, Flathead, or Blue — Bunch has kilt and eaten many an insolent catfish. She'd rather be camping and fishing than just camping, just camping rather than just hiking, and just hiking rather than sitting at home. If she is sitting at home, however, there's likely a big damn jar of sweet tea and a whole pile of books somewhere nearby.


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