Working the Tactical Light with Travis Haley

How do you engage a target in low-light situations? Travis Haley demonstrates 3 effective uses of WML's and handheld lights in tactical situations.

Weapon Light Use: Canopy Light vs. Direct Light

Canopy lighting vs. direct lighting - do you know when and how to use both, and how it relates to high ready vs. low ready positions?

Media Mayhem—Can shotguns hit two targets with one shot?

Movie Madness is all about finding the truth behind tropes regarding guns, gear, knives, tactics, and more from the world of fiction. We explore tropes from video games, movies, tv, and whatever other media comes our way. In our first edition of the truth about tropes, we are going to look at an old video […]

Shoot gooder: 3 ways to aim a pistol

Aiming a handgun has a lot with where you put your focus. Learn how to aim a pistol using the three methods that Shaw demonstrates in this video.

A Dry Fire Magazine?

The Dry Fire Mag is an interesting option for dry firing at home (hence the name). It's not the only option, but it deserves a look. It may well change the way you will think about dry fire practice.

Home defense magazines: reloading at home

Home defense magazines. Are they different than other mag choices? Are considerations for home invasion defense different than other- and elsewhere?

Stress Shooting: Honing Accuracy To A Razor’s Edge

Did you know there is a way to turbo-charge your shooting skills while using less ammunition? Stress shooting. Yes, it’s that simple. You practice stress shooting.

Surviving A Riot in Your Vehicle — Awareness and Training

With the high level of civil unrest currently racing across the country, unsuspecting motorists are suddenly finding themselves caught in the middle of riots. How do you survive this type of encounter if it happens to you?

166 – The Defensive Shooting: What Do You Do AFTER?

You’ve been involved in a defensive shooting — ideally a shooting and not a gunfight. What comes after? What should you do post-engagement? Here’s a hint: it’s not just flipping your head around dramatically in a theatric scan-and-assess. In today’s episode, we discuss what to do after. Though important, situational awareness is necessarily different in every […]

165 – Advanced Safety | Thinking Beyond the 4 Firearm Safety Rules

There are the 4 rules of gun safety, then there's "Advanced Safety". What's that? It's maintaining the 4 rules under stress — especially that of a gunfight.

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