ASAP: an outstanding Butler Creek magazine loader for AR15 mags

Save your thumbs, save some time, save some aggravation. Get yourself a Butler Creek magazine loader like the ASAP. You’ll thank us later.

Looking for an electronic magazine loader? Take a look at this bad boy.

The ASAP Loader was designed for 5.56/.223 ammo in brass or nickel-plated cases specifically with high round count people and places in mind — although there will inevitably be individual naysayers who overlook or fail to comprehend that fact. You watch, those will be the ones who comment below to piss and moan about how much faster than the machine they can fill magazines with their mighty thumbs. Think competition shooters, instructors, range facilities, maybe people suffering some physical debility, or even couples prepping for a Date Night Gunfight. It’s easy to read, easy to operate, and designed to automatically self-correct. Fill the hopper with up to 60 brass-cased loose rounds, insert your magazine into the loading port, select the desired round count (1-40), and press a button. That’s it. The machine automatically orientates the ammunition and loads your magazine.

Here’s some guy explaining it.

The Butler Creek ASAP has proven very reliable in our testing, enough so that we think it’s up there at the very top of your mag loader options — though in fairness it’s also on the higher end of the price range, too (though far less than your rifle or tactical helmet).

Still worried about maintenance? There are thumbscrews securing protective panel over the mechanical bits, enabling quick toolless access to the loader’s internals in the event of a jam requiring user intervention. Worried about powering it? No hand-cranked TA/312 type windup required. It uses both an AC adapter or an 8xAA lithium-only battery pack (both provided), the latter of which enables it to be used on the range or in a remote location.

Note: it is not recommended for use with steel-cased ammunition. The lacquer off those will build up in the loader and start to bind it up. Then not only do you have a gorked-up paperweight to set your training tourniquet on (or attractive but useless decoration in your safe room), your warranty has been voided too.

Available in any color you want as long as it’s grey. (Sorry, no Gucciflage or FDE versions available.) It’ll on every type of AR15 rifle mag we can think of, regardless of manufacturer or intended recipient weapon — from high-end blasters to Ramen Noodle Guns to one-off engraved lower receiver Frankenguns.

Josey Wells is a former military man who spent most of his career assigned to 11th Special Forces Group and JTF-6 (including a little work with Coronet Nighthawk in its final days and a couple of OEF-CCA missions), moving on to a civilian billet around the time JTF-6 transitioned to JTF North. He is an intemperate gambler who enjoys shooting 2-Gun Action matches (though he never seems to win any). Formerly a SOF team leader with the Triarii, Wells currently works "GFC Violent Persuasion Services" serving as an advisor to an SMU south of the US-Mexico border, and lets us use his name for some of our basic news posts because "Admin" is boring. Like many other fictional characters, the Missouri native is capable of frequent and improbable feats of valor.

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