Josey Wells is a former military man who spent most of his career assigned to 11th Special Forces Group and JTF-6 (including a little work with Coronet Nighthawk in its final days and a couple of OEF-CCA missions), moving on to a civilian billet around the time JTF-6 transitioned to JTF North. He is an intemperate gambler who enjoys shooting 2-Gun Action matches (though he never seems to win any). Formerly a SOF team leader with the Triarii, Wells currently works "GFC Violent Persuasion Services" serving as an advisor to an SMU south of the US-Mexico border, and lets us use his name for some of our basic news posts because "Admin" is boring. Like many other fictional characters, the Missouri native is capable of frequent and improbable feats of valor.

Beskar Built 458 SOCOM Mags? Not exactly, but…

This may not quite be a true Mandalorian gun, but the "Beskar Build" (fed with 458 SOCOM magazines) is certainly an excellent homage to Mando.

Shoot gooder: 3 ways to aim a pistol

Aiming a handgun has a lot with where you put your focus. Learn how to aim a pistol using the three methods that Shaw demonstrates in this video.

Lockdown Puck: for making that safe a little safer

The PUCK is the latest product (as of this writing) from Lockdown, a subsidiary American Outdoor Brands. It might be just the thing to put in your gun safe, humidor, liquor cabinet, or jewelry drawer.

ASAP: an outstanding Butler Creek magazine loader for AR15 mags

The ASAP is an outstanding Butler Creek magazine loader for AR15 mags. Save your thumbs, your aggravation, and mostly your precious range time.

How to hold a pistol: Handgun Grip

A proper pistol grip helps with recoil mitigation; this reduces recoil anticipation, thus reducing the amount of "jump" that occurs when firing.

You’re Doing it Wrong: the 31-round magazine

Even experienced shooters make seemingly simple mistakes. This Mag Life Minute addresses one you'll say you already knew but is more common than we admit. Even experienced shooters make seemingly simple mistakes. That loaded magazine - does it have 30 rounds in it? Or 28? Or (and this is bad) 31? Also...range appropriate pedicures?

Trijicon VCOG: the 1-8×28 LPVO now Marine Squad Common Optic

The Trjicon VCOG 1-8 x 28 LPVO (low power variable optic) has been chosen by the Marine Corps for their Squad Combat Optic.

GunMag Warehouse’s new HQ

The new headquarters for GunMag Warehouse will be in Coppell, TX. That's right, GMW is moving from Florida to Texas, and they're doubling their staff too.

Gunfighting fundamentals according to Buck Doyle

"Shoot, move, communicate." You may know the mantra, but do you understand it?

Stop Moving the Gun | Handgun Drills

Good pistol shooting drills are (or should be) employed for one or more specific purposes. The "one live one dry" handgun drill helps control movement during and immediately after the trigger press (among other things). Take a look-see.

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