Angstadt Arms’ New Roller Delayed MDP-9 Gen 2 Pistol

If you are in the market for a pistol caliber carbine, you are more likely than not going to run into direct blowback designs. At the lower pressures that handgun rounds operate at, all one needs is a heavy enough bolt and spring without any locking mechanism to run a PCC. It is cheap and effective but often lacking, especially if you want to get the weight of your carbine down. If you want to keep things light, consider the Angstadt Arms MDP-9 Gen 2—a roller-delayed blowback pistol that represents the PCC platform at a more efficient level. 

angstadt arms mpd-9 and glock pistol
Angstadt Arms, the leader in 9mm PCCs, is launching the MPD-9 Gen. 2. [Angstadt Arms]

The MPD-9 Gen 2 is a pistol chambered in 9mm Luger. It feeds from Glock double-stack magazines and has a compact overall length of 14 inches. The barrel is 5.9 inches long and features a three-lug muzzle device and 1/2×28″ TPI threading for any possible suppressor or flash hider. The one-piece 7075 anodized aluminum upper receiver/handguard has a uniform plane of Picatinny rail to mount either iron sights or an optic. The handguard itself is grooved for M-LOK accessories. The matching aluminum lower features a reversible Radian safety selector switch and an Angstadt Arms EMP-9 trigger, although the MPD-9’s trigger housing is compatible with many other AR9 triggers on the market. This very left/right-handed friendly package includes a nonreciprocating and reversible charging handle.

The MPD-9 uses a B5 systems pistol grip and has a section of Picatinny rail aft of the pistol for easy installation of a brace. What makes the MPD-9 particularly unique, though, is its roller-delayed blowback design. The term is as easy to understand as it sounds. A set of rollers holds the bolt shut when the pistol is fired and rolls away once pressures have dropped to safe levels. From there, the bolt can cycle. It does not rely on a heavy bolt and stiff springs to accomplish the same job. This helps bring down the pistol’s weight to only 3.7 lbs. It also delays the recoil impulse, giving the shooter a softer shooting gun that will allow for faster follow-up shots when needed. 

The MPD-9 is ready to be made into a PCC or can be left alone. In addition, Angstadt Arms is offering the upper receiver alone or the complete pistol or SBR setup. The MSRP for the pistol alone is $2,475, while the upper is $1,655.

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