The Active Shooter Bag From Tactical Tailor


How do you carry your magazines? There are lots of ways, battle belts, plate carriers, or just shove them into a backpack. Tactical Tailor now offers a low profile, easy to carry, and a well-made option with their Active Shooter Bag. The Active Shooter bag is no bigger than your average laptop bag but is capable of packing eight AR 15 magazines, as well as two double stack handgun magazines. The Tactical Tailor Active Shooter bag is designed to offer you quick and easy access to your gear in a relatively low profile manner.

Just a tactical looking messenger bag.

Inside the Tactical Tailor Active Shooter Bag

This isn’t just a bag you shove 8 AR 15 magazines in and call it a day. Tactical Tailor wouldn’t do that to you. The inside of the bag features eight large elastic loops that perfectly accommodate AR 15 mags. On the left and right side of the bag is two smaller elastic pouches that accommodate your handgun mags. Now if you are the more creative type you can see your way into carrying gear outside of AR 15 magazines. I found the bag accommodates magazines, tourniquets, multi-tools, and more for whatever the day may bring me.

That’s a whole lot of freedom….

There is also a small front pocket to accommodate whatever admin gear you may need. Underneath the main flap is a section of MOLLE webbing, and the rear of the outside of the bag is another section of MOLLE. It’s easy to add pouches and customize the bag for your own needs.

In Use

Using the bag is quite easy. The bag is shallow and retrieving a magazine from it isn’t that hard. Just reach in, rip the mag out and reload. Everything inside the bag is easy to access, even when you are in a pinch. The bag can also act as a drop pouch to store those empty magazines.

Those Loops fit Tourniquets quite well.

The Active Shooter bag is easy to carry and arrange like a traditional bandoleer. When the bag is arranged in this configuration you can actively fight from the bag. This takes some practice but if you can find a lower profile way to carry a fighting load I’d like to see it.

Who is it for?

Clearly, police officers looking for an easy way to carry extra ammo for their patrol rifle would be well set up with this rig. The first thing that clicked into my head when I saw this bag was for IAR gunners in the USMC. When I was in, they were tasked with carrying 21 magazines and were only issued three magazine pouches to carry a total of six magazines. The Tactical Tailor Active Shooter bag would surely help organize these gunners load outs.

For the everyday Joe, the Tactical Tailor Active Shooter bag is perfect as a bolt bag and addition to a bug out kit. This allows you to have ammo on hand without having to don a plate carrier or battle belt.

Like all Tactical Tailor gear, it’s well made, built to last, and innovative. The Active Shooter bag is for more than just Active Shooter situations. It is an excellent way to carry additional ammo and gear in a low profile manner.

Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine Gunner, a lifelong firearms enthusiast, and now a regular guy who likes to shoot, write, and find ways to combine the two. He holds an NRA certification as a Basic Pistol Instructor and is the world’s Okayest firearm’s instructor.

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  • Matt Motycka

    Jesus. What a horrible name for this product. Quit making it easy for liberal criticism.

    • BraveNewWhirled

      Totally agreed.

    • CountryLogic

      The more you back down the more they are going to push. Grow a pair.

      • deprogramming services

        What you say is true, but it was still a poor choice for a name.

    • Tao Peace

      Agreed. Re name it. PLEASE

  • rms

    I agree 100%, in this heavily attacked area “active shooter” description doesn’t describe this great product. If I was defending my home I would love to have it filled with ( NJ ) 10 round mags for my rifles and sitting in my front closet……

  • Knucklehead211

    The irony when this is the first thing they find on the next real life active shooter. But by all means, keep coming up with dumbass cheeky names to troll the “Ignorant Left”.

  • Tim B

    If you carried only 4 mags and the other side a AR pistol length with the exterior color being sky blue with a LGBT flag and a Peace sign on the front flap you could walk around campus all day and no one would care. What they don’t know won’t hurt them, what the active shooter doesn’t know… will.

  • NemoKeine

    horrible name, honestly made me unsub from the news mailing list when I saw this pop up


    Hey, Tactical Tailor, how about calling this the Mag Bag.

  • Chat witha Gunowner

    Oh for phucks sake it’s not called the school shooter or mass shooter bag, being advertised with a back to school / vegas vacation special 15% off discount code. You have all gone soft. Before long you’ll get offended when something is referred to as “tactical”. How about y’all collectively grow a set and embrace your identity as “active shooters” unless of course you’re whining about this while you waste away on the filthy old couch in your moms basement, your finger tips caked with dorito dust and your ragged shirt stained with off-brand mountain dew. Buncha cry babies.

  • CountryLogic

    Looks a lot like the Fag Bags the Eurotrash beta males carried around in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

  • SeeThroughYou

    For everyone who doesn’t get the name it’s supposed to infer that this bag is for responding to an Active Shooter scenario. The first popular bag of this type was called an ASRAB(active shooter response bag) but most armed professionals just call them “Active Shooter” bags now.

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