A Savage STANCE: Savage Arms Stance Micro-Compact

Not too long ago Savage released the Savage Arms Stance, the first Savage pistol in a very long time — as in, more than a century long time. As with most any new handgun (or any new weapon for that matter), it was immediately either reviled or lauded, that response being dependent upon your opinion of Savage. More people seem to lean toward the “it’s the perfect pistol for 2013!” side of things than don’t, and nearly as many points out the inevitable (and correct) comparison to Honor Defense. 

On the range with the Savage Stance.

Would it have been an excellent rival to the first generation S&W Shield and Glock 43? Would it have been more interesting to see a remake of the Savage 1907? Of course. Maybe in 30 Super Carry! Absolutely. But that’s not what happened, so here is the…

BLUF: Savage Arms Stance

The ergonomics were surprisingly nice for such a small frame. It wasn’t as “snappy” as I expected, though we’d need to put it on the firing line with a Hellcat, P365, and other micros to see how they really compare. The ambi release will be appreciated by many and the factory stippling feels good, though it might be a little aggressive for some people to use in an EDC configuration. I could see it rubbing the wearer (carrier?) more than some would be willing to tolerate. 

Savage Arms 9mm micro compact handgun

Savage 9mm pistol: the Stance

The first new Savage Arms pistol in over a century.
It’s the first new Savage Arms pistol in over a century.

The Stance will not see the popularity that the Renegauge and Impulse did in their respective categories. In the end, however, with an MSRP of less than $500 a name like Savage behind it, there will be people who buy one. And it will likely perform well for them.

Whether such a purchase is the wisest one to make in a market full of higher-capacity micro-compacts that have RDS-ready slides and rails for lights or lasers…well, that will be up to the individual. 

On the range with the Stance micro compact pistol from Savage

Savage Arms Stance

The Savage Stance uses a serialized detachable chassis similar to the SIG P320, i.e. it can be removed from the grip frame and reinstalled into another. It features a stainless steel slide, Melonite finish, and slide serrations (the ones on the front being ported). 


  • Includes (2) 18° interchangeable backstraps to adjust the grip size
  • Ambidextrous magazine release & slide catch
  • Stippling grip texture for 360° secure fit with finger indexing
  • Stainless steel slide with melonite finish for corrosion resistance
  • The slide features a beveled front for easy holstering
  • Ported, wide slide serrations for increased purchase
  • Short, crisp trigger with short reset and wide, well-rounded face
  • 3.2” stainless steel barrel
  • Removable chassis for interchangeable grips
  • Easy takedown with takedown lever, no trigger pull or tool needed for disassembly
  • Snag-free functional sights
  • Ambidextrous manual safety & night sight models are available
  • Includes (2) magazines and hard case for protection
  • Magazine capacity options range from 7, 8, or 10-round magazines available
  • Package option includes Viridian E-Series Red Laser
Savage Arms Stance
The Savage Arms Stance micro-compact 9mm pistol is initially available in black, grey, and FDE.
Pat DuFriend is a desultory writer and self-appointed political analysis SME who spent several years wearing M81 camouflage after graduating from the Camp Pendleton School for Violent Boys. He has served in a number of law enforcement billets over the last two decades (including K9, which was his favorite, and detectives, which was most definitely not). A sometime writer with an eye toward everyman pragmatism, DuFriend is almost as good at meteorology as he is politics, especially if he's been at the Uncle Nearest or Blood Oath.

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