WTF Washington? Do your part! Fight SB 5078

Listen up ya’ll. Want To Free Washington? Or keep it free anyway? Then do your part! Help us fight State Bill 5078

We’ll give you $ ten bucks to do it, too. 

 Are you a Washington resident? Here’s how you do it. 

1. Contact at least one of your state reps. Express your opposition to 5078; ask them to oppose it. 

2. Screenshot your email or message to your rep (we don’t need to see what you sent, just that you sent it)

3. Create (or log back into) your account. 

4. Make sure your Washington billing and shipping addresses are correct. 

5. E-mail with “I did my part” in the subject line and the proof you contacted your reps. 

6. Get $10 in-store credit. 

Apologies, but messages to senators prior to the Senate vote last week, unfortunately, do not apply. We appreciate those of you who are sending us letters you had sent to senators in the past, but those don’t meet the spirit of the outcome we are trying to achieve here. This bill has already been passed in the Senate. Our goal is simple – to help stop this bill. In order to do that – we need to focus on the NOW, which means (due to where the legislative process is currently) we need to get messages to those who are about to conduct the final vote – your elected representatives in the Washington State House of Representatives. 


⚠️ When you write them, remember to be:

• Direct and concise

• Polite and respectful

• Accurate and specific


WTF Washington?

Contact your representative: fight SB 5078

SB 5078 (and it’s companion bill, SB 1164) is a magazine ban. It would make illegal the manufacture, possession, sale, or other transfer of magazines that have a capacity of more than ten (10) rounds. This includes conversion kits or parts from which any such magazine may be assembled.  

Ironic that the state named for our first President (and the one with his face not their flag) is seeking to infringe upon a fundamental freedom, is it not? 

Washington State Bill 5078
SB 5078 is just a part of the anti-gun legislation potentially coming to Washington.
Washington legislative districts.
Washington legislative districts.

Reminder: messages from last year unfortunately do not apply – we need to focus on the NOW, which means (due to where the legislative process is currently) your elected representatives in the Washington State House of Representatives. 

District      Legislator

 Copy/paste your legislator’s email address and get to work!
1______ Rep. Shelley Kloba

1______ Rep. Davina Duerr

1______ Senator Derek Stanford


2 ______Rep. Andrew Barkis

2 ______Senator Jim McCune

2 ______Rep. J.T. Wilcox


3 ______Senator Andy Billig

3 ______Rep. Timm Ormsby

3 ______Rep. Marcus Riccelli


4 ______Rep. Rob Chase

4 ______Rep. Bob McCaslin

4 ______Senator Mike Padden


5 ______Rep. Lisa Callan

5 ______Rep. Bill Ramos

5 ______Senator Mark Mullet


6 ______Rep. Jenny Graham

6 ______Senator Jeff Holy

6 ______Rep. Mike Volz


7 ______Rep. Joel Kretz

7 ______Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber

7 ______Senator Shelly Short


8 ______Rep. Matt Boehnke

8 ______Senator Sharon Brown

8 ______Rep. Brad Klippert


9 ______Rep. Mary Dye

9 ______Rep. Joe Schmick

9 ______Senator Mark Schoesler


10 ______Rep. Greg Gilday

10 ______Senator Ron Muzzall

10 ______Rep. Dave Paul


11 ______Rep. Steve Bergquist

11 ______Rep. David Hackney

11 ______Senator Bob Hasegawa


12 ______Rep. Keith Goehner

12 ______Senator Brad Hawkins

12 ______Rep. Mike Steele


13 ______Rep. Tom Dent

13 ______Senator Judy Warnick

13______ Rep. Alex Ybarra


14______ Rep. Chris Corry

14______ Senator Curtis King

14 ______Rep. Gina Mosbrucker


15 ______Rep. Bruce Chandler

15 ______Rep. Jeremie Dufault

15 ______Senator Jim Honeyford


16 ______Senator Perry Dozier

16 ______Rep. Mark Klicker

16 ______Rep. Skyler Rude


17 ______Rep. Paul Harris

17 ______Rep. Vicki Kraft

17 ______Senator Lynda Wilson


18 ______Rep. Larry Hoff

18 ______Senator Ann Rivers

18 ______Rep. Brandon Vick


19 ______Rep. Joel McEntire

19 ______Rep. Jim Walsh

19 ______Senator Jeff Wilson


20 ______Rep. Peter Abbarno

20 ______Senator John Braun

20 ______Rep. Ed Orcutt


21 ______ Senator Marko Liias

21 ______ Rep. Lillian Ortiz-Self

21 ______ Rep. Strom Peterson


22______  Rep. Jessica Bateman

22 _____  Rep. Laurie Dolan

22 ______Senator Sam Hunt


23 ______Rep. Drew Hansen

23 ______Senator Christine Rolfes

23 ______Rep. Tarra Simmons


24 ______Rep. Mike Chapman

24 ______Rep. Steve Tharinger

24 ______Senator Kevin Van De Wege


25 ______Rep. Kelly Chambers

25 ______Senator Chris Gildon

25 ______Rep. Cyndy Jacobsen


26 ______Rep. Michelle Caldier

26 ______Senator Emily Randall

26 ______Rep. Jesse Young


27 ______Rep. Jake Fey

27 ______Rep. Laurie Jinkins

27 ______Senator Yasmin Trudeau


28 ______Rep. Dan Bronoske

28______ Rep. Mari Leavitt

28 ______Senator T’wina Nobles


29 ______Senator Steve Conway

29 ______Rep. Steve Kirby

29 ______Rep. Melanie Morgan


30 ______Rep. Jesse Johnson

30 ______Rep. Jamila Taylor

30 ______Senator Claire Wilson


31 ______Senator Phil Fortunato

31 ______Rep. Eric Robertson

31 ______Rep. Drew Stokesbary


32______ Rep. Lauren Davis

32 ______Rep. Cindy Ryu

32 ______Senator Jesse Salomon


33 ______Rep. Mia Gregerson

33         Rep. Tina Orwall

33 ______Senator Karen Keiser


34 ______Rep. Eileen Cody

34 ______Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon

34 ______Senator Joe Nguyen


35 ______Rep. Dan Griffey

35 ______Rep. Drew MacEwen

35 ______Senator Tim Sheldon


36 ______Senator Reuven Carlyle

36 ______Rep. Liz Berry

36 ______Rep. Noel Frame


37 ______Rep. Kirsten Harris-Talley

37 ______Senator Rebecca Saldaña

37 ______Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos


38 ______Rep. Mike Sells

38 ______Senator June Robinson

38 ______Rep. Emily Wicks


39 ______Rep. Carolyn Eslick

39 ______Rep. Robert Sutherland

39 ______Senator Keith Wagoner


40 ______Rep. Debra Lekanoff

40 ______Senator Liz Lovelett

40 ______Rep. Alex Ramel


41 ______Rep. Tana Senn

41 ______Rep. My-Linh Thai

41 ______Senator Lisa Wellman


42 ______Rep. Alicia Rule

42 ______Senator Simon Sefzik

42 ______Rep. Sharon Shewmake


43 ______Rep. Frank Chopp

43 ______Rep. Nicole Macri

43 ______Senator Jamie Pedersen


44 ______Rep. April Berg

44 ______Rep. Brandy Donaghy

44 ______Senator John Lovick


45 ______Senator Manka Dhingra

45 ______Rep. Roger Goodman

45 ______Rep. Larry Springer


46 ______Senator David Frockt

46 ______Rep. Gerry Pollet

46 ______Rep. Javier Valdez


47 ______Senator Mona Das

47 ______Rep. Debra Entenman

47 ______Rep. Pat Sullivan


48 ______Senator Patty Kuderer

48 ______Rep. Vandana Slatter

48 ______Rep. Amy Walen


49 ______Senator Annette Cleveland

49 ______Rep. Monica Jurado Stonier

49 ______Rep. Sharon Wylie

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