3 Reasons Why Ruger’s 10/22 Rules Rimfire

There are more compact .22 rimfires on the market. There are even more accurate .22s. I’d go so far as to say that there are many guns that are more aesthetically pleasing. Still, no rifle can compete with Ruger’s 10/22 for all-around versatility. Here are three reasons why Ruger rules rimfire.


The first reason has is the sheer number 10/22s in the wild. As guns achieve dominance, accessories become much more common. From sights to triggers, stocks to barrels, there are more aftermarket options for the 10/22 than there are for any other rimfire rifle.

The distinctive look of Magpul’s furniture also makes a wide variety of guns feel similar in the hand.

One of my favorite additions to the aftermarket parts line-up is the Magpul furniture. Magpul’s magazines are legendary, but they don’t make 10/22 mags yet. Their furniture is exceptional, too, and it allows a familiar feel to all of your guns. While the manual of arms would differ, the feel is familiar. Why not have a 10/22 and an 870, and a 700, and AR with common stock designs?


Ruger knows this, too, and works hard to provide many of the options you might want in the factory variants of the rifle. For me, I use a stock-standard 10/22 Takedown. Even though the gun is a bit small for my frame, the compact design makes it ideal for carrying. And the threaded barrel makes running a suppressor easy, right out of the box.

Yes. I know. Time to take off the sticker.

I’ve got thousands of rounds through this rifle. I’ve honestly lost count. I take it everywhere I go, and use it when I teach kids how to shoot. It hasn’t ever so much as hiccuped. I’ve gotten it so dirty that the bolt slowed down, but it never fails.


While many companies make extra parts,Ruger makes the best 10/22 magazines. That’s the third reason, and it may well be the reason for my last two points. 10/22 magazines are brilliant. These are far more sophisticated than most mags, but they don’t seem to fail. You can get a factory mag that will hold 1, 10, 15, 25….

10/22 mags.

That 25 round count is smart, too. Consider the “high capacity” argument dominating political debates. If 30 round mags cross some arbitrary threshold, 25 rounders are a safe bet.

While I’m a sucker for the stock variety of Ruger mags, there are numerous options from other makers, too. My personal preference is for a mag with metal feed-lips, but even the less-expensive plastic ones run well.

The 10/22 couldn’t be any easier to shoot. With so many variants on the market, almost everyone can find one that speaks to them. These little workhorses are humble, affordable, and unfailing. And unlike some of Ruger’s guns, they’re even easy to strip down and clean.

David Higginbotham is a writer and editor who specializes in everyday carry. David is a former backcountry guide in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and Boundary Waters Canoe Area who was a college professor for 20 years. He ultimately left behind the academy for a more practical profession in the firearms industry and was (among other editorial positions) the Managing Editor for a nascent Mag Life blog. In that Higginbotham helped establish The Maglife's tone and secure its early success. Though he went on to an even more practical firearms industry profession still, he continues to contribute articles and op-eds as time and life allow.

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