2024 NRA Show: Guns to Grab

The 2024 NRA Show has come and gone, with hundreds of firearms companies showcasing their latest and greatest products for attendees. After walking over 15 miles, I’ve hopefully brought you an inclusive list of products worth adding to your collection. From pistol caliber carbines and wheelguns to custom handguns and precision rifles, here are some noteworthy releases from the 2024 NRA Show worth adding to your collection.

Taurus Heritage Roscoe and Executive Series Revolvers

It’s 2024, and it seems all the latest and greatest firearms are geared toward a burgeoning surplus of social media tactic-cool influencers. While I enjoy those firearms, there’s something about the classic appearance and feel of yesteryear’s wheelguns. Taurus has tapped into that nostalgia and recently released their Heritage “Roscoe” series of revolvers. After handling them on several occasions, Taurus undeniably tugged at my heartstrings with the Roscoe.

The Roscoe revolver series exudes 19th-century noir. These five-shot .38 Special revolvers feature gloss black bluing, round-butt wooden grips, and fixed notch and post sights reminiscent of the Smith & Wesson Model 36. They’re currently available in two- and three-inch barrel lengths. With an MSRP of $363, at least one is destined for my gun safe and many range trips.

2024 NRA Show Taurus Roscoe and Executive
The Taurus 962 Executive (top row) and Roscoe (bottom row) revolvers depicted a gorgeous dichotomy of modern and classic. Their fit and finish impressed a steady stream of visitors to the Taurus booth.

If revolver nostalgia isn’t your cup of tea, Taurus has a more modern take on the wheelgun that may suit your tastes. In addition to the Heritage Roscoe, Taurus introduced their 962 Executive Series revolver. The 962 Executive is a seven-shot competition-grade revolver shipping with two cylinders chambered in .357 Magnum/.38 Special and 9mm. The three-inch barrel includes a fiber optic front sight flanked by quad muzzle ports on either side. Frankly, I cannot do this revolver justice in words. You have to handle it to truly appreciate its quality. The double action trigger stages beautifully and offers a glass-smooth pull. At an MSRP of $1,106, it’s surprisingly affordable given the custom work that goes into making this revolver. With fingers crossed, I hope to bring you all a review of this fantastic revolver in the near future.

Kel-Tec SUB2000 Gen3

Long before the market was flooded with pistol caliber carbines (PCCs) from virtually every manufacturer imaginable, there was the Kel-Tec SUB2000. Over the years, other manufacturers have caught up, and virtually every major company offers some form of a PCC. Kel-Tec never stopped improving the respected SUB2000, and for the 2024 NRA Show, they proudly displayed their Generation 3 SUB2000.

Kel-Tec SUB2000 Gen3
The third generation of Kel-Tec’s proven SUB2000 fixed every complaint I’ve directed toward the platform while keeping every feature behind its popularity.

The third-generation SUB2000 includes some fantastic upgrades. The fixed iron sights were deleted in favor of a full-length Picatinny rail that swivels 90 degrees to the side when folded. This new design allows users to fold the SUB2000 completely with a mounted optic. A steel trigger replaced the older polymer trigger, which definitely improved the felt pull. The rear cocking knob is now ambidextrous, with notches on either side to accompany the larger charging handle. Despite all these changes, Kel-Tec kept everything we like about the SUB2000 including a reasonable price tag at an MSRP of $499.


Like every other category of firearms, PCCs include a wide range of options. From the affordable and reliable to the top tier, there’s something for everyone. At the higher end of the PCC spectrum rests the LWRC IC-9. The IC-9 is LWRC’s entry into the PCC market, and they definitely put some thought into it. This isn’t just another PCC; it’s an impressive piece of engineering.

The LWRC IC-9 is far more than just a 9mm AR that accepts Glock mags. LWRC built this rifle from the ground up with controls exactly the same as their other rifles. A last-shot bolt hold-open (lower right) works in tandem with ambidextrous bolt releases.

LWRC’s IC-9 features some unique features not normally found on AR-style PCCs. The rifle includes completely ambidextrous controls and a true last-shot bolt hold open with the assistance of some clever engineering. Furthermore, LWRC set its sights on reducing the felt recoil impulse from the rifle. While 9mm Luger is relatively tame out of a rifle, no one complains about less recoil. The IC-9’s unique chamber ring delayed blowback system reduces felt recoil while accommodating a wide range of 9mm ammunition. A hydraulic buffer reduces overall felt recoil even more. LWRC put a lot of thought into producing a reliable PCC for those familiar with the AR-15 platform. And yes, it uses Glock mags. The LWRC IC-9 is advertised with a starting MSRP of $1,999.

Shadow Systems CR920XP

While the lone handgun entry on this list, the Shadow Systems CR920XP is no slouch. Shadow Systems currently offers the CR920X with a 15-round capacity, while the CR920P boasts a compensator for faster follow-up shots and reduced recoil. With the CR920XP, gone are the days of choosing between more ammunition or less recoil.

Shadow Systems CR920XP
The Shadow Systems CR920XP combines the best features of the 920X and 920P series into one gun. One look at this firearm and you can tell the folks at Shadow Systems didn’t overlook any details in bringing this pistol to market.

The Shadow Systems CR920XP features all the accoutrements expected from them. Optics-ready sights adorn the optics-ready slide. The bronze TiCN barrel offers match-grade accuracy while the integral compensator reduces split times. With a crisp flat-face trigger, the CR920XP offers little to no excuses for a missed shot. Shadow Systems hopes to have the CR920XP shipping this year with MSRP to be determined.

Mossberg 940 & 590 Thunder Ranch

Like the Ruger 10/22, any serious gun owner should own at least one Mossberg shotgun. If that isn’t incentive enough, Mossberg recently collaborated with the legendary Clint Smith to offer Thunder Ranch versions of their proven 940 Pro Tactical semi-automatic and 590 pump-action shotguns. If you’re familiar with Clint Smith’s legendary commentary on shotguns, there’s some tongue-in-cheek humor in this collaboration.

2024 NRA Show Mossberg Thunder Ranch Shotguns
The combination of Clint Smith’s expertise and Mossberg’s innovation produced some excellent features on the Thunder Ranch 940 and 590 shotguns. From a beveled loading port (top right) to a proprietary optics cut (lower right), these shotguns were built for defense and even competition.

The Mossberg 590 Thunder Ranch Edition arrives optics-ready with the receiver cut for Shield RMSc pattern reflex sights. The 940 also features these optics cut while boasting a laundry list of other upgrades: QD sling studs on the stock and forend, an oversized bolt release and charging handle, and a beveled loading port with a pinch-free elevator. According to pricing at the 2024 NRA Show, the 590 Thunder Ranch starts at $662, while the 940 Thunder Ranch lists for $1,295.

Savage Impulse Klym

Savage bolt-action rifles have long been synonymous with accuracy at an affordable price. A little over three years ago, Savage introduced their Impulse line of straight-pull rifle actions. While straight-pull actions are commonly associated with fast follow-up shots, this design also accommodated left-handed shooters with the option to reverse the bolt. For the 2024 NRA Exhibits, the Klym joined Savage’s list of available Impulse rifles.

Savage Impuls Klym
Built with weight in mind, the Savage Impulse Klym boasts carbon fiber throughout. The Omniport muzzle break (upper right) mitigates increased recoil, while the unique Impulse action (middle top) accommodates left and right-handed shooters.

The Impulse Klym was built with weight in mind. Currently offered in 6.5 Creedmoor, the Klym sports a 22-inch Proof Research carbon fiber-wrapped stainless barrel and carbon fiber stock from Fine Ballistic Tools. With all this carbon fiber, the rifle weighs in at an impressive 6.7 pounds. Since less weight equals more recoil, Savage outfitted the Klym with an Omniport muzzle break attached on a suppressor-ready 5/8-24 thread pitch. This rifle unquestionably exceeds the requirements for a lightweight rifle over those rough terrain hunting trips. The Impulse Klym’s MSRP is $3,309.

Smith & Wesson M&P FPC and 327 JM Limited Edition

If this list seems a little heavy on PCCs, that’s because it is. Nonetheless, the 2024 NRA Show included quite a few PCCs — new and upgraded alike — added to the market. Naturally, the Smith & Wesson M&P Folding Pistol Carbine (FPC) had to be included.

The Smith & Wesson FPC features an interchangeable magwell to accommodate Smith & Wesson magazines as well as several other popular options, such as Glock. The FPC folds sideways instead of vertically, like the Kel-Tec SUB2000. While the FPC is unique in many areas, it borrows some elements from the SUB2000. After all, if it works, why do something different? The FPC’s massive charging handle is ambidextrous, along with the bolt release and safety. The FPC’s stock also includes two spots for spare magazine storage — a genius addition by Smith & Wesson, in my opinion. The FPC currently starts at an MSRP of $699.

2024 NRA Show Smith & Wesson 627 and FPC
The limited edition 327 PC Jerry Miculek revolver (left) and M&P FPC (right) were prominently featured at Smith & Wesson’s booth for the 2024 NRA Show.

While visiting the Smith & Wesson booth, a very prominently displayed model 327 Performance Center revolver caught my eye. Recently, legendary shooter Jerry Miculek set the revolver world record for drawing and shooting six steel plates in a blistering 1.88 seconds. Jerry accomplished this feat with a Smith & Wesson 327 chambered in 9mm and, in commemoration of doing so, Smith & Wesson is offering a limited run of 1,880 Smith & Wesson 327 PC eight-shot revolvers in 9mm. The revolver sports a Scandium frame with a five-inch quad-ported barrel and Jerry’s signature laminate wood grips. Each revolver ships with a Vortex COMPDOT reflex optic, Pelican case, and five moon clips. With an MSRP of $3,499, this revolver will probably end up more of a collector’s item than a shooter. Regardless, if Jerry can shoot it, so can you.

Tom Stilson began his firearms career in 2012 working a gun store counter. He progressed to conducting appraisals for fine and collectible firearms before working as the firearms compliance merchant for a major outdoor retailer. In 2015, he entered public service and began his law enforcement career. Tom has a range of experience working for big and small as well as urban and rural agencies. Among his qualifications, Tom is certified as a firearms instructor, field trainer, and in special weapons and tactics. If not on his backyard range, he spends his time with family or spreading his passion for firearms and law enforcement.

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