Ruger SR9C, SR40C Magazine Grip Extension


Ruger SR9C, SR40C Magazine Grip Extension


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  • Factory accessory

  • Ruger accessory

  • Fits: Ruger SR9C, and SR40C



This is a Magazine Grip Extension for Ruger SR9C & SR40C pistols

Ruger’s ultra-thin SR9 pistol combines concealability, controllability and firepower at a value that’s tough to beat. Designed to meet the needs of law enforcement and ideal for civilian carry, the SR9 is a force to be reckoned with in any shooter’s hands.

Most compact pistols can handle full-sized magazines—but without an over-travel stop, rough insertion can lead to premature wear and tear on your gun. These magazine grip extensions fit snug over the base of a full-size magazine, preventing over-travel when used in SR9C / SR40C compact pistols.

Grab a few for your SR9C / SR40C today, and get maximum firepower out of your compact carry pistols.