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Designed to excel in tactical and defensive environments, weapon lights deliver positive target identification in poorly lit areas, allowing shooters to aim his or her weapon and illuminate targets simultaneously. Weapon lights are designed to be mounted to a specific weapon with the beam parallel to the bore, making it easy to clear buildings or navigate other low-light areas without relinquishing control of your firearm. Additionally, weapon-mounted lights offer a significant tactical advantage over would-be burglars and other adversaries, allowing you to identify your target, while temporarily blinding or disorienting them.


Simple to Control
One of the many advantages of weapon lights is their simplicity. Activation and deactivation controls are convenient and ergonomic, and user-selectable operation modes (temporary on, constant on, strobe, etc.) keep shooters in complete control, even under stress. While most weapon lights are easily controlled with ambidextrous rear switches or simple push-button controls, many models include an option for a remote pressure switch. Most common with tactical rifles, remote pressure switches are designed to allow the shooter to install their light in a forward position for superior illumination, without affecting the shooter’s grip. Better yet, remote pressure switches are incredibly easy to use, making them the favored control method for a variety of military, law enforcement, and civilian shooters.

Durable and effective
Many weapon lights feature durable, yet lightweight aluminum or polymer housings, designed to take a beating without impacting performance. Strong, impact-resistant tempered glass lenses offer shatter-proof reliability, while simultaneously enhancing beam strength for maximized range. Most modern weapon lights utilize high-performance LED emitters, delivering ultrabright white light out to incredible distances for more reliable target identification. Better yet, most weapon lights are completely maintenance-free, with the exception of a battery change every now and then!

Easy to install
Most weapon lights mount directly to rail-equipped pistols, rifles, and shotguns without requiring any special tools for installation. Better yet, once installed, the light is there for the long haul; no wiggling, no tightening, no failures.  

Whether you’re looking for a pistol-mounted light for your home defense or EDC handgun or a durable, performance-rated light for your tactical rifle or shotgun with versatile control options, GunMag Warehouse has you covered. We offer a wide selection of quality weapon lights from best-selling brands, such as Streamlight®, Nightstick®, Cloud Defensive®, and more at affordable prices.

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Weapon Lights

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