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Pistol Braces

Originally designed to aid in stability, control, and accuracy with pistol-length firearms (i.e. AR/AK pistols, MP5®-style pistols, CZ® Scorpion pistols, etc.) for disabled shooters and veterans, pistol braces have become popular among shooters of all shapes and sizes.

For many years, pistol-length firearms were viewed as fun little range guns, with no real ability to shoot accurately thanks to their size, weight, and lack of ergonomic controls. Not to mention, they often produce sharper felt recoil, making it far more difficult to regain control of the weapon shot after shot, especially during rapid fire. That is, until the invention of the now-famed pistol brace.

Today, there are a myriad of braces currently on the market from established and well-respected brands, such as SB Tactical®, Strike Industries®, Maxim Defense®, and Sig Sauer®. At GunMag Warehouse, we take great pride in providing the best selection of pistol braces you can find at an exceptional value. Shop our full collection today!

Note: While pistol braces typically attach to the rear of the receiver or buffer tube of your firearm, they are NOT a buttstock and are not designed to be used as such. Instead, they are to be used as a support method, usually attaching to your forearm via a Velcro® strap or resting against your arm with blade-style braces.

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