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Springfield XD Magazines

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About the Springfield XD

Stock your range bag full of Springfield® XD® magazines and hit the range with reliable firepower. In 2001, Springfield Armory introduced the XD semi-auto pistol and redefined the industry standard for ergonomics, ease of use, features, and performance. Perfect for concealed-carry, self-defense, or as an everyday duty weapon, the Springfield XD is built on a rock-solid foundation with a forged slide and hammer-forged barrel on top of a lightweight polymer frame to ensure unparalleled strength and long-lasting field service in virtually any shooting environment. Further, a Melonite® finish provides superior corrosion-resistance to protect from even the most unforgiving elements. An ambidextrous mag release creates smooth, intuitive use for both left- and right-handed shooters while the passive grip safety adds another easy layer of safety to this firearm without any extra effort from the user.

Steel 3-dot sights help ensure a long-lasting and clear, crisp sight picture for quick and intuitive target acquisition while the Picatinny accessory rail allows you to mount your favorite weapon lights and laser sights for another layer of versatility in your loadout. Further, all XD pistols feature a loaded chamber indicator that works day or night and features a striker status indicator that shows shooters at a glance or by feeling the status of the pistol’s striker for another layer of safety. To top it all off, the XD comes in a full range of sizes from full-sized service models with a 4” barrel down to sub-compacts with 3” barrels so you can find the perfect pistol that fits your needs.

What is a grip safety?

The best safety is the one between your ears. But it never hurts to have a couple of backups when it comes to firearms safety. Grip safeties prevent the gun from firing unless gripped in the proper firing position. These safeties are located on the back of a handgun’s grip and must be depressed in order to pull the trigger. Unlike a thumb safety, grip safeties don’t require any extra movement and allow you to disengage the safety with your natural firing grip. This means, if you grip the gun correctly, the grip safety will depress and you’re good to go. It’s designed to be a natural consequence of holding your firearm in a firing position. When you re-holster or set your firearm down the safety activates without you doing anything extra and doesn’t leave any room for you to accidentally forget to switch on the safety like a thumb safety. Grip safeties are easy to use and give a little extra peace of mind when carrying.

Why choose a Springfield XD pistol?

The Springfield XD is a performance-enhanced pistol built on a rock-solid foundation to provide unwavering reliability for home defense, concealed-carry, or in the line of duty. Trusted by law-enforcement, CCW permit holders, and informal target shooters, the Springfield XD features a crisp trigger pull and superior steel three-dot sights for intuitive control and quick target acquisition in any defensive environment. Plus, a number of safety options provide added peace of mind when handling this firearm.

Whether you’re looking for a flush-fitting magazine for your concealed-carry setup, or you want an extended magazine for superior firepower while defending your home or dropping targets at the range, GunMag Warehouse is your one-stop-shop for factory and aftermarket Springfield XD magazines. Shop our full collection of Springfield pistol mags today!