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About the Smith & Wesson SW40
Specifically engineered for everyday carry and personal defense applications, the Smith & Wesson® SW40 is an affordable striker-fired Sigma Series pistol, built upon a lightweight polymer frame with improved ergonomics and enhanced reliability in personal defense applications. Hailed as one of the first successful budget-series pistols to ever hit the market, the SW40 was one of Smith & Wesson's first pistol models to be built around a synthetic polymer frame and feature the combat-proven Glock®-style safe action trigger. The durable stainless steel slide features enhanced slide serrations for speedy, intuitive manipulation, while the 3-dot sight system offers quick, intuitive target acquisition in any lighting condition. Though the SW40 is no longer produced, having been replaced by the modernized SW40, magazines, parts, and accessories remain plentiful and affordable.

What is a striker-fired fire system?
Instead of pulling an external hammer with your thumb, or utilizing an internal hammer operated by a sear and trigger pull, striker-fired pistols require the slide to be pulled rearward, or “racked” back and released forward, pulling the firing pin rearward and capturing it under spring tension. The trigger releases the striker mechanism, allowing the spring tension to release and force the pin forward to strike the primer, firing the round in the chamber. Because there is no hammer to cock or release, the trigger pull of most striker-fired pistols is incredibly easy to pull, allowing shooters of all shapes and sizes to operate the firearm more reliably under extreme stress.

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