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About the Smith & Wesson SD40

The Smith & Wesson® SD40 is an economy-priced, compact handgun, designed for new and experienced shooters alike. Chambered in .40 S&W, this striker-fired pistol features a stainless steel barrel with a polymer grip for dependable durability at the range or during concealed-carry. Further, aggressive texturing on the grip creates comfortable ergonomics for a sure grip and positive handling while slide serrations make racking the slide quick and easy. White 3-dot sights provide quick and intuitive target acquisition in fast-action tactical and target-rich environments while the integrated accessories rail allows users to easily attach their favorite weapon lights or laser sights for an improved shooting experience. Boasting a standard 14-round capacity, this compact pistol is an ideal choice for the range or your everyday concealed-carry pistol.

Benefits of slide serrations

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a firearm is its ergonomics. This is especially true for semi-auto pistols where you have to rack the slide to chamber a round. When you head to your favorite local gun shop looking to buy a new semi-auto pistol pay attention to the slide serrations. Remember, during the time you own this firearm you’re going to have to rack the slide a lot. So, take note of the different slide serration options. Are there serrations at the front and the back of the slide? Are they vertical or angled? Deep or shallow? Really try and get a feel for how it feels to rack the slide while handling it. If you’re planning on choosing a home defense gun or everyday concealed-carry gun, you’re going to want something that is comfortable to use and a pistol that is comfortable to use.

Why choose the Smith & Wesson SD40?

With a compact size and durable polymer frame, the Smith & Wesson SD40 is the perfect choice for home defense, plinking at the range, or concealed-carry. At GunMag Warehouse, we offer a variety of factory and aftermarket S&W SD40 magazines from trusted manufacturers at an affordable price. Shop our full collection of SD40 magazines today!