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Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Magazines

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About the Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0

Designed for self-defense, sporting, and professional use, the Smith & Wesson® M&P® M2.0 boasts innovative features that create a top-of-the-line firearm. This polymer-framed striker-fired pistol features an optimal 18° grip angle that gives shooters a natural point of aim and has a low barrel bore axis that makes the M&P 2.0 more comfortable to shoot by helping to reduce muzzle rise for quicker follow-up shots. Plus, aggressive grip texturing with 4 interchangeable palmswell inserts allows you to find the optimal hand fit and trigger reach for your shooting style to create positive handling and a sure grip in virtually any tactical, competition, or self-defense environment.

Further, this striker-fired pistol features a fine-tuned, crisp trigger with a light pull along with a tactile and audible reset for a clean break every time you pull the trigger while aggressive slide serrations make racking the slide easier than ever. What’s more, the M&P M2.0 features an accurate 1 in 10” twist barrel along with an extended rigid embedded stainless steel chassis that reduces flex and torque when firing for a flatter shooting experience. To top it all off this striker-fired pistol features an Armornite® durable corrosion-resistant finish that makes this pistol perfect for virtually any shooting environment.

What is a striker-fired fire system?

Instead of pulling an external hammer with your thumb, or utilizing an internal hammer operated by a sear and trigger pull, striker-fired pistols require the slide to be pulled rearward, or “racked” back and released forward, pulling the firing pin rearward and capturing it under spring tension. The trigger releases the striker mechanism, allowing the spring tension to release and force the pin forward to strike the primer, firing the round in the chamber.

Striker-fired pistols are simple in their operation because after the shooter manually racks the slide to chamber a round, each trigger pull fires a single round, ejects the spent casing, loads another round into the chamber, rearms the firing pin, and is ready to be shot again. Because there is no hammer to cock or release, the trigger pull of most striker-fired pistols is incredibly easy to pull and has low pull weights, allowing shooters of all shapes and sizes to operate the firearm more reliably under extreme stress.

Whether you’re a target shooter, CCW holder, or home defense shooter, maximize your firepower potential and spend more time at the range with Smith & Wesson® M&P® M2.0 magazines from GunMag Warehouse. Shop our full collection of M&P M2.0 and other Smith & Wesson magazines today!