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About the Smith & Wesson 4046
Introduced in 1990, the Smith & Wesson® 4046 is a performance-enhanced double-action-only (DAO) centerfire pistol, favored by law-enforcement agencies, collectors, and civilian target shooters across the globe. This pistol boasts a 4” stainless steel barrel and stainless steel slide, mounted atop a durable, all-steel frame with a wrap-around ergonomic polymer grip for superior comfort and control. The built-in de-cocker and frame-mounted thumb safety deliver safe carry and quick deployment, and an 11-round staggered magazine maximizes your carry capacity for smooth, jam-free operation and superior stopping power in any defensive or target shooting application. The drift-adjustable 3-dot sights offer quick, intuitive target acquisition, while aggressive rear slide serrations offer positive slide manipulation and speedy loading and clearing. Further, this centerfire pistol comes equipped with a reliable magazine disconnect feature, so the pistol cannot be fired without the magazine in place for enhanced safety and reliable control in tactical and personal defense environments. Finally, the DAO trigger offers users a consistent trigger pull each time and is perfect for concealed-carry applications.

About the DAO Trigger.

The DAO or trigger offers a heavy, intentional pull with each trigger pull, operating the trigger and hammer simultaneously. DAO triggers are great for pocket-carry and personal defense guns, as they protect against accidental discharges due to a light trigger pull or cocked hammer. Another advantage of a DAO trigger is you know you will have a consistent trigger pull each time. Unlike a DA/SA pistol, you won’t have to worry about changing anything or what kind of trigger pull you might get if the hammer is cocked or not. Another benefit is the overall simple function of a DAO trigger because you know exactly what to expect. However, some small-framed shooters find DAO triggers harder to operate and less accurate due to the rather heavy pull.

Why choose the Smith & Wesson 4046?

With a durable steel barrel, solid steel frame, and reliable DAO trigger, the Smith & Wesson 4046 is the perfect choice for collectors, law-enforcement, and target shooters. At GunMag Warehouse, we carry a huge selection of factory Smith & Wesson pistol magazines, offered at low, budget-friendly prices. Shop our full collection today and save big on your next trip to the range.