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Sig Sauer P938 Magazines

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About the Sig Sauer P938
Introduced in 2011, the Sig Sauer P938 is a small, single-stack concealed-carry pistol, trusted by personal defense shooters across the globe. Designed to deliver deep concealment and snag-free carry in any self-defense application, this micro-compact pistol boasts a lightweight aluminum-framed semi-auto pistol, built around a unique, hammer-fired single-action trigger system for a crisp and clean break. Chambered in the affordable 9mm (9x19mm) cartridge, the P938 boasts an impressive 6+1 capacity and comes with an additional 7-round magazine with an extended base plate for improved comfort and control, and enhanced firepower in concealed-carry scenarios.

Why the Sig Sauer P938?
The P938 is a performance-enhanced micro-compact pistol, designed to deliver unwavering reliability and deep concealment in any personal defense environment. The P938 boasts a light and crisp, short-reset single-action trigger design for a smooth and consistent pull you can depend on, while the metal 3-dot sights deliver a clear, intuitive sight picture for quick target acquisition in fast-action tactical and personal defense applications. Better yet, the P938 features an integrated thumb safety and firing pin block for safe, convenient carry — even with a round in the chamber. To top it off, the P938 comes equipped with a durable stainless steel barrel for enhanced service life, improved muzzle velocity, and dependable accuracy in any personal defense environment.

What’s the Advantage of a Micro-Compact Carry Pistol?
Micro-compact pistols are incredibly easy to conceal in virtually any IWB carry position, and even work with some pocket holsters. Though you may sacrifice overall carry capacity (most micro-compact pistols offer a 6+1 or 10+1 capacity), you’ll enjoy deeper concealment with virtually no printing.

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