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About the Sako 85 

The Sako® 85 is an elegant hunting rifle platform, designed to deliver superior reliability in harsh hunting environments. Built with demanding design criteria that are based on tradition and innovation, the Sako 85 is designed to be the ultimate bolt-action rifle. Sako 85 actions come in six different sizes to provide reliable function for each caliber and each model features a controlled cartridge feed that helps eliminate double feed or cartridge jams. A turn-bolt handle places your hand in a natural position during bolt operation to create comfortable and rapid repeated firing. Every Sako 85 barrel is drilled, honed, cold-hammer-forged, finished, and individually inspected to ensure each rifle provides unmatched durability and lasting field service. Further, twist rates are selected for each caliber to maximize accuracy and bullet performance. Plus, every barrel, no matter if it’s blued or stainless, features a non-reflecting, satin-like surface that helps hunters blend into their surroundings better.

The detachable, stainless steel magazine is a staggered two-row magazine that can be loaded through the ejection port for quick and easy reloads and features Sako’s Total Control Latch to help prevent accidental magazine release. Special two-way safety locks both the trigger and the bolt handle for maximum security while a unique bolt release button allows you to load or remove a cartridge from the chamber while the safety is engaged. What’s more, most models with a blued finish feature standard or optional adjustable iron sights for dependable accuracy straight out of the box. Choose between ergonomic walnut or synthetic stocks that have been optimized for shooting posture with unmatched balance and smooth bolt operation for fast and accurate shooting. To top it all off, this line of rifles boasts an adjustable trigger that lets users decide what the perfect, crisp trigger pull is.  

Sako’s Walnut and Synthetic Stocks

The Sako 85 offers a large selection of different rifles that are perfect for any situation. Whether it’s the walnut or synthetic stock, Sako has found the perfect balance of ergonomics and durability that has created the optimal stock for a proper shooting posture. Further, each stock features aggressive texturing on the for-end and the rifle’s rear grip to provide positive handling and a sure grip in virtually any shooting environment. This helps ensure the user is able to experience unmatched balance and smooth bolt operation that allows for fast, straight, and accurate operation of the rifle. This makes this line of rifles perfect for dropping targets at the range or that prized trophy buck from the deer stand.

Why choose a Sako 85?

Whether it’s the Sako 85 Classic or the Sako 85 Carbon Wolf, the Sako 85 line of rifles has something to fit anyone’s needs. Durable cold-hammer forged barrels, turn-bolt handles, and a reliable two-stage trigger are just few of the things that make this line of rifles dependable and the perfect choice for your next hunt. Stock up on Sako® 85 magazines and enjoy reliable performance—even under stress. At GunMag Warehouse, we offer a large selection of Sako 85 magazines at industry-leading prices. Shop our full collection today!