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Saiga AK-47 Magazines

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About the Saiga AK-47
Since being adopted by the Soviet Army in 1949, the AK-47 has become synonymous with reliability and ease of maintenance. Since its inception, the AK-47 has evolved over time with many variants and copycat models across the globe. Based on the original AK-47 design, the Saiga® AK-47 has become one of the most sought-after versions of the legendary rifle in the civilian market and has become a prized possession among collectors and hunters across the globe. To add to the value, the Saiga AK-47 is made on the same assembly line at the Izhmash factory where the original AK-47 was manufactured making these rifles highly favored by AK purists. The Saiga AK-47 is a sporterized version of the classic AK-47 and was initially marketed toward hunters. Featuring a solid stamped receiver with a standard stock and forend, the Saiga AK-47 was built to be as durable and long-lasting as its namesake for reliable field use. Further, this rifle features a long-stroke piston-driven system to help create a reliable rifle that can handle a significant number of rounds through it over a lifetime of use at the range or in the field.

What is a long-stroke piston gas system?
A long-stroke piston gas system is a type of gas system used by the AK series of rifles. When you fire a round, the force of the gases push a piston back to cycle a new round into the chamber. This type of gas system is designed to help prevent powder residue and carbon from impeding the action of the rifle. The piston is located inside the gas tube and as gas is siphoned into the gas tube, the gas piston is sent rearward. While the gas piston is sent reward, the bolt, that is attached to the gas piston, is unlocked and ejects the spent casing. When the gas piston and bolt reach the rearmost position of the receiver, the recoil spring pushes them forward and loads a new round in the process. This cycle happens every time you pull the trigger. Many argue that a long-stroke piston gas system is one of the better gas systems because everything is assembled in a single part and moves together during the whole firing cycle. This increases momentum and increases reliability without adding additional weight.

Why choose the Saiga AK-47
If you’re one of the lucky ones who’ve been able to get their hands on a bona fide Saiga AK-47 then head to your closest range and show that rifle off! Boasting a solid build with a stamped receiver, a standard stock and forend, and an extremely reliable long-stroke piston gas system, this classic rifle makes a solid addition to any collector’s arsenal. 

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