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About the Ruger P90

The Ruger® P90 is a larger and scaled-up version of the popular P89 semi-auto pistol, chambered in .45 ACP. Introduced in 1991, the P90 was Ruger’s first crack at a .45 ACP pistol and was designed to compete with competitors that introduced similar firearms. Boasting an aluminum alloy frame, the P90 was a continuation of Ruger’s long line of reliable firearms. The fixed 3-dot sight gives users quick, intuitive target acquisition while its double-action/single-action (DA/SA) trigger gives users an incredibly light and crisp trigger pull.

Even though the P90 is now discontinued (2010), this pistol is still a popular choice for target shooters, collectors, and the everyday gunowner.

Fixed 3-dot Sights

Many handguns today feature a 3-dot sight, or combat sight, which is a set of front and rear sights featuring contrasting dots with two dots on the rear sight and one dot on the front sight. The dots will usually be painted white or a similar high-visibility color to contrast against the black or gray color of your sights. This gives the user an easily visible set of reference points with feedback on correct sight alignment. For the perfect sight alignment, the dots must be vertically level and horizontally evenly spaced. Fixed 3-dot sights allow you to practice and learn what your pistol’s hold point, the spot on your sights that guides you to the point of aim, is. Mastering sight alignment basics will help you improve your accuracy so you can be ready to go at the range or during concealed carry.

Why choose the Ruger P90?

The Ruger P90 offers all of the things you expect from a Ruger firearm in a compact, easy-to-carry pistol. Its fixed 3-dot sights, DA/SA trigger, and durable aluminum alloy frame make it the perfect choice for plinking at the range or concealed carry. At GunMag Warehouse, we offer a huge selection of P-Series magazines at affordable, everyday prices. Shop our full collection and stock up on Ruger pistol mags today!