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About the Ruger EC9

The Ruger® EC9® is perfect for informal target practice and everyday carry applications. The EC9 is slightly larger than the iconic Ruger LCP® pistol and features an incredibly slim and compact design that makes it perfect for pocket carry. This striker-fired pistol features a short, light, and crisp trigger pull for faster and more accurate shooting with a checkered grip frame that provides superior ergonomics and a comfortable grip for quicker follow-up shots. Even better, you can purchase magazines with a finger grip extension or a full grip extension for extra space for your hand to ensure a positive, non-slip grip for improved control and unmatched accuracy. The alloy steel slide and barrel feature a corrosion-resistant black oxide finish and sit on top of a high-performance glass-filled nylon grip frame to create a strong and durable pistol that can handle rough use and abuse at the range or everyday concealed-carry. The sights are machined integrally with the slide to create strong and durable sights for unmatched accuracy while glare-reducing, rear-facing serrations allow you to easily and quickly rack the slide. To top it all off, this pocket pistol features an abundance of safeties including an integrated trigger safety, manual safety, magazine disconnect, and an inspection port that allows you to visually check to see if the chamber is empty or loaded.

What is a magazine disconnect?

A magazine disconnect, also known as a magazine disconnect safety, is a safety feature on some firearms that doesn’t allow you to pull the trigger if there isn’t a magazine fully locked and loaded into the mag well. Even if the magazine is partially inserted you are still not able to pull the trigger to fire the gun. Even if there is still a round in the chamber, the gun will not fire if a magazine is not fully inserted. No gun safety should take the place of common sense and standard firearm safety practices; however, a magazine disconnect can add additional peace of mind with an additional layer of safety added to their firearm.

Why choose the Ruger EC9?

The Ruger EC9 is a great “truck gun,” concealed-carry pistol, and home defense gun. Its compact size and light weight make it easy to conceal and carry while its durable alloy steel slide and barrel make it incredibly durable and allow it to handle rough use and abuse. At GunMag Warehouse, we take great pride in providing the best selection of magazines and accessories at competitive prices. Shop our full collection of factory and aftermarket Ruger EC9 magazines today!