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Remington Model 76 Magazines

About the Remington Model 76

The Remington® Model 76 is a unique, magazine-fed lever-action rimfire rifle with roughly 27,000 rifles manufactured between 1962-1965. Equipped with a 19.5” blued steel barrel mounted atop an elegant, checkered walnut stock, this collectible rimfire rifle offers exceptional accuracy and speedy handling in any small-game hunting or target shooting application. Billed as the world’s fastest lever action rifle, the Model 76 features a flush-fitting detachable magazine for superior ergonomics and a snag-free design to make lining up your shots easier. Boasting a locked-breech lever action design, this rifle features a short stroke of about 30° to ensure quick and accurate follow-up shots at the range or in the deer stand.

Advantages of flush-fitting magazines for rifles.

A flush-fitting magazine offers improved ergonomics and eliminates potential snag hazards when handling your firearms. When it comes to rifles, this gives you even more freedom of movement when lining up the perfect shot. This is especially beneficial for hunting rifles because you are attempting to take one shot when you get your game lined up in the crosshairs. This makes moving around in your hunting blind or deer stand much easier and gives you more flexibility when getting into position to take your shot. What’s more, these magazines usually allow you to reload without removing them from the rifle saving you time and additional effort when trying to limit movement while you’re in a deer stand or blind.

Why choose the Remington Model 76?

The Remington Model 76 was built for unparalleled strength and long-lasting durability making it the perfect addition to any collection. Shop our full collection of Remington rifle magazines and accessories today and enjoy incredible savings on range-ready mags and parts for your favorite lever-action rimfire rifle.