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About the Kimber R7 MAKO

Trusted by civilian CCW permit holders and home defense shooters across the United States, the Kimber® R7 MAKO is Kimber's first polymer-framed, striker-fired, high-capacity, subcompact handgun, chambered in 9mm (9x19mm). Designed to compete with the top-selling polymer-framed micro pistols currently on the market, the R7 MAKO boasts a small but mighty 3.5” stainless steel barrel and durable steel slide, mounted atop an advanced polymer frame and aluminum chassis for reduced weight and improved reliability in any high-stress scenario. The R7 MAKO comes standard from the factory with high-contrast TruGlo® Tritium Pro night sights for intuitive target acquisition in any daylight or low-light lighting condition, while ambidextrous controls and the flat-faced trigger ensure maximum comfort and control with both right- and left-handed shooters. Better yet, unlike most micro-compact pistols, the R7 MAKO utilizes a double-stack magazine design, compatible with 10-round and 13-round magazines for maximum stopping power in personal defense scenarios.

What’s the Advantage of a Micro-Compact Carry Pistol?

Micro-compact pistols are incredibly easy to conceal in virtually any IWB carry position, and even work with some pocket holsters. Though you may sacrifice overall carry capacity (most micro-compact pistols offer a 6+1 or 10+1 capacity), you’ll enjoy deeper concealment with virtually no printing.

What is a striker-fired fire system?

Instead of pulling an external hammer with your thumb, or utilizing an internal hammer operated by a sear and trigger pull, striker-fired pistols require the slide to be pulled rearward, or “racked” back and released forward, pulling the firing pin rearward and capturing it under spring tension. The trigger releases the striker mechanism, allowing the spring tension to release and force the pin forward to strike the primer, firing the round in the chamber. Because there is no hammer to cock or release, the trigger pull of most striker-fired pistols is incredibly easy to pull, allowing shooters of all shapes and sizes to operate the firearm more reliably under extreme stress.