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About the Kel-tec P3AT
Introduced in 2003, the Kel-Tec® P3AT is a lightweight self-defense pistol, engineered to deliver consistent operation, dependable stopping power, and deep concealment in high-stress self-defense and concealed-carry applications. Weighing in at only 8.3 oz. when empty, the P3AT is the lightest .380 ACP pistol in the world, and features a polymer frame with an aluminum chassis and steel barrel and slide, while the DAO (Double-Action Only) trigger system offers a consistent pull and crisp break for enhanced safety and dependable field service in virtually any target or tactical shooting scenario. The internal safety protects against accidental discharges, while the integral, factory-milled sights deliver quick target acquisition and improved concealment. To top it off, the P3AT boasts a reliable 6+1 carry capacity, promising superior firepower and dependable concealment you can truly depend on.

What is a “DAO” Trigger System?
“DAO” stands for Double-Action Only. A DAO trigger offers a heavy, intentional pull with each trigger pull, operating the trigger and hammer simultaneously. DAO triggers are great for pocket-carry and personal defense guns, as they protect against accidental discharges due to a light trigger pull or cocked hammer. However, some small-framed shooters find DAO triggers harder to operate and less accurate due to the rather heavy pull.

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