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IWI US Jericho Magazines

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About the IWI US Jericho

Known for its reliable service in the Israeli army, the IWI® US Jericho® is favored by civilian shooters, military personnel, and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Based on the reliable CZ®-75 short recoil system, the IWI Jericho combines a proven design and function with IWI’s exceptionally high standards when it comes to accuracy, quality construction, and performance. This single action/dual action (SA/DA) pistol boasts a manual safety that allows for “condition one” cocked and locked carry with a light, crisp single action trigger pull or hammer down double action function so you can decide how to carry. Further, the integral Picatinny style rail allows you to mount all of your favorite weapon lights and lasers while adjustable dovetailed sights provide quick and intuitive target acquisition. To top it all off, this pistol features a cold hammer-forged barrel constructed with Mil-Spec Chrome Moly Vanadium steel.

What is cocked and locked carry (Condition One)?

Cocked and locked carry (Condition One) means there is a live round in the chamber of your pistol with a fully loaded magazine and a cocked hammer with the manual safety locked into the safe (up) position. SA/DA semi-automatic pistols are a popular choice for concealed-carry, competition, and law-enforcement because of the extremely light and crisp trigger pull you get with a single-action pistol. You can buy holsters that are specifically designed for safe cocked and locked carry so you can enjoy added peace of mind during concealed-carry. It’s an important feature to consider when deciding what kind of pistol you want for your concealed-carry or competition firearm.

Why choose the IWI US Jericho?

The IWI US Jericho makes an ideal choice for concealed-carry, competition, or law-enforcement with its adjustable dovetail sights, integral Picatinny style rail, and the ability for cocked and locked carry. No matter where life takes you, enjoy reliable firepower with Jericho magazines from GunMag Warehouse. Shop our complete collection of IWI US Jericho magazines today, and save big on your next trip to the range with your Jericho pistol!