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About the HK P2000

Designed to deliver reliable performance and consistent accuracy under stress, the HK® P2000 is a favorite among sport shooters, military personnel, and law enforcement agencies across the globe. Featuring the HK Law Enforcement Modification trigger system, this pistol combines the advantages of a cocked striker component (constant level of trigger pull from first to last round fired) with a double-action hammer system for a clean, crisp break every time you pull the trigger. Further, a set of simple-to-install modular grip panels allow you to find the perfect fit for your hand while an ambidextrous magazine release and dual slide release levers make for quick, intuitive activation for both left- and right-handed shooters. Industry-standard mounting rails allow users to mount all of their favorite weapon-mounted weapon lights and laser sights while the same recurved, hook trigger guard provides superior ergonomics for improved handling and faster follow-up shots.

Modular and adjustable grip panels

When it comes to purchasing a new pistol, you want to make sure it is comfortable in your hand. Many modern-day handguns come with adjustable or modular grip panels that allow users to tinker with and find the best grip setup for their hands. Changing these grips in and out can make the grip thicker or thinner, as well as give you options to change the different materials on the grip so you can find one that is comfortable and easy to use with your hand. This allows you to really dial in your pistol’s ergonomics so you can get the most out of it whether it be at the range, concealed-carry, home defense, or as an everyday duty weapon for law-enforcement.

Why choose the HK P2000?

The HK P2000 is the ideal choice for concealed-carry and law-enforcement with its proprietary trigger design, ambidextrous magazine, and dual slide release levers, and integrated weapon-mounted accessory rail. Offering a huge selection of HK magazines and accessories at affordable, budget-friendly prices, GunMag Warehouse is the ultimate HK magazine destination. Shop our full collection of P2000 mags today!