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HK 416 Magazines

About the HK 416

Favored by military personnel, law enforcement agencies, and civilian and professional shooters across the globe, the HK® 416 is a gas-operated AR-style sporting rifle, built around a proprietary short-stroke, gas piston system, similar to the HK G36 rifle. After each shot is fired, the gas piston quickly forces the bolt carrier rearward to initiate the reloading cycle and reduce the risk of failures. Currently employed by the United States Army Delta Force, the British Armed Forces, the German Bundeswehr, and several other militaries across the globe, the HK 416 comes equipped with a proprietary, free-floated forend with MIL-STD-1913 rails on all four sides, designed to accommodate a variety of factory and aftermarket rail accessories for maximum versatility, while an adjustable, 6-position telescopic stock boasts a custom fit for improved comfort and control. To top it off, the HK416 boasts a cold hammer-forged barrel with a tested and proven 20,000-round service life in virtually any environment.

What is a Short-Stroke Gas System?

Gas-operated firearms utilize a portion of the high-pressure gases from a fired cartridge to deliver powerful rearward pressure against a piston to cycle the action and eject spent casings With a short-stroke or tappet system, the piston moves separately from the bolt group. The piston is hit with a short, abrupt push, allowing the bolt carrier assembly to continue through the operating cycle through kinetic energy alone and reducing the total mass of recoiling parts for enhanced control and consistent operation in rapid-fire scenarios.

The HK 416 is a combat-proven tactical rifle, designed to accommodate users of all disciplines, including target shooters, collectors, military personnel, and more. At GunMag Warehouse, we carry the industry’s largest selection of HK 416 magazines, offered at low, budget-friendly prices that anyone can afford. Shop our full collection today!