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About the Hi-Point C9

The Hi-Point® C9 is a durable and affordable pistol chambered in 9x19 Parabellum and makes the perfect choice for shooting targets at the range or for everyday concealed-carry. High-impact grips provide superior ergonomics for positive handling while the high-impact polymer frame and a durable easy-grip finish provide superior strength and long-lasting durability to handle rough use and abuse in virtually any shooting environment. The fully adjustable 3-dot sight offers quick target acquisition for superior accuracy while a quick on-off thumb safety allows for intuitive activation even while wearing gloves. Plus, the magazine disconnect safety adds another layer of safety for this pistol while in use. Even better, this pistol is rated for +P ammunition making this pistol the ideal choice for self-defense applications. To top it all off, every Hi-Point firearm comes with a lifetime warranty so you can experience a lifetime of dependable use.

Thumb Safety

Manual thumb safeties give shooters additional peace of mind when it comes to safely handling their firearms. While a manual safety doesn’t take the place of proper and safe gun handling habits, it can be a beneficial feature to have. In order to activate or deactivate this type of safety, the user has to make a purposeful action with their thumb in order to do so. One of the biggest advantages of a thumb safety is it allows for cocked and locked carry with your hammer-fired semi-auto pistol such as a 1911. Thumb safeties are just another layer of safety you can have with your firearm for additional peace of mind. At the end of the day, though, nothing replaces safe firearms handling habits and practices.

Why choose the Hi-Point C9

With its magazine disconnect safety, high-impact grips, and fully adjustable 3-dot sights, the Hi-Point C9 is the perfect choice for home defense or concealed-carry. Whether you’re a casual target shooter, CCW holder, or looking for a few spare mags for your trusty “truck gun,” GunMag Warehouse is your one-stop shop for Hi-Point C9 Magazines. Shop our full collection of factory and aftermarket magazines today and enjoy reliable performance at an incredible value.