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Glock 29 Magazines

About the Glock 29
Originally released in 1996, the Glock® 29 is a sub-compact striker-fired semi-auto pistol, chambered in the hard-hitting 10mm cartridge. Built around an advanced polymer frame with the iconic Glock Safe Trigger design, the G29 offers the same dependable field performance that Glock is internationally known for, packed in a powerful, yet concealable “magnum force” package. Dual recoil action technology drastically reduces felt recoil and blowback for enhanced accuracy and improved handling. Plus, only slightly larger than the famed Glock 43 single-stack pistol, the Glock 29 boasts a short, yet reliable 3.78” barrel and a reinforced slide and frame, engineered to withstand the heavy recoil of the 10mm cartridge without forfeiting concealability or comfort.

What is a striker-fired fire system?
Over the last 30 years or so, striker-fired pistols have become the most trusted and best-selling defensive and tactical pistols on the market. With a striker-fired handgun, there is no hammer present. Instead of pulling an external hammer with your thumb, or utilizing an internal hammer operated by a sear and trigger pull, striker-fired pistols require the slide to be pulled rearward, or “racked” back and released forward, pulling the firing pin rearward and capturing it under spring tension. The trigger releases the striker mechanism, allowing the spring tension to release and force the pin forward to strike the primer, firing the round in the chamber.

Striker-fired pistols are simple in their operation because after the shooter manually racks the slide to chamber a round, each trigger pull fires a single round, ejects the spent casing, loads another round into the chamber, rearms the firing pin, and is ready to be shot again. Because there is no hammer to cock or release, the trigger pull of most striker-fired pistols is incredibly easy to pull and has low pull weights, allowing shooters of all shapes and sizes to operate the firearm more reliably under extreme stress.

Why Choose the G29 Over Other Glock Pistol Models?
The short answer? Firepower.

The 10mm Auto cartridge is a utilitarian centerfire pistol cartridge, engineered to deliver magnum-like stopping power in hunting, personal defense, and tactical shooting applications. In fact, the Glock 29 has been used to stop armor-clad assailants and angry bears rummaging through hillside campsites. Combine that with a concealable handgun, and you’ve got a “one-size-fits-all” duty, hunting, and personal defense pistol that’s ready to drop virtually any threat quickly and effectively.