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Glock 23 Magazines

About the Glock 23

Favored by new and experienced shooters worldwide, the Glock® 23 is the best-selling compact .40 S&W pistol on the civilian market. The Glock 23 offers superior durability and deep concealment, making it a favorite choice for CCW holders and self-defense shooters. Featuring a standard mag capacity of 13, shooters can also pick up 14, 15, 16, or even 22-round magazines to ensure they have plenty of rounds at the range, in the line of duty, or for home defense. The Glock 23 features aggressive texturing on its handle with individual finger grooves so shooters can enjoy a solid grip with superior ergonomics for better accuracy and quicker follow-up shots when it matters most. Featuring a polymer main frame with a milled steel slide, this striker-fired pistol features a corrosion-resistant Tenifer finish for superior protection when you carry close to the body or in a holster for extended periods of time in addition to most shooting environments.

Four hardened steel guide rails within the frame make racking the slide easier than ever while an integral accessory rail in front of the trigger guard allows for easy attachment of weapon-mounted tactical lights or laser sights. Further, the white-dot front sight combines with the white-bracket rear sight to provide you with rapid target acquisition, especially in low lighting. Plus, the rear sight is dovetailed into the slide and is drift adjustable so you can experience intuitive and unmatched target acquisition. Better yet, not only is the Glock 23 easily fieldstripped without tools for easy cleaning and maintenance, magazines and accessories are easy to find and incredibly affordable with ample aftermarket support.

What is a striker-fired fire system?

Over the last 30 years or so, striker-fired pistols have become the most trusted and best-selling defensive and tactical pistols on the market. With a striker-fired handgun, there is no hammer present. Instead of pulling an external hammer with your thumb, or utilizing an internal hammer operated by a sear and trigger pull, striker-fired pistols require the slide to be pulled rearward, or “racked” back and released forward, pulling the firing pin rearward and capturing it under spring tension. The trigger releases the striker mechanism, allowing the spring tension to release and force the pin forward to strike the primer, firing the round in the chamber. 

Striker-fired pistols are simple in their operation because after the shooter manually racks the slide to chamber a round, each trigger pull fires a single round, ejects the spent casing, loads another round into the chamber, rearms the firing pin, and is ready to be shot again. Because there is no hammer to cock or release, the trigger pull of most striker-fired pistols is incredibly easy to pull and has low pull-weights, allowing shooters of all shapes and sizes to operate the firearm more reliably under extreme stress.  

Can I Use Aftermarket Magazines with my G23 Pistol?

Sure can!

Like all Glock pistol models, the G23 is incredibly versatile and gives you the same reliability and solid pistol design you expect from Glock. Plus, thanks to its popularity among professional and civilian shooters, there is an ever-growing offering of aftermarket Glock mags and tactical accessories, allowing you to use most aftermarket Glock magazines from KCI®, ProMag®, Magpul®, ETS®, and other renowned manufacturers without issue. Glock 23 magazines offer superior durability and lasting corrosion resistance—even in wet or dirty environments. Better yet, Glock magazines are plentiful, easy to find, and incredibly affordable, available from a variety of renowned manufacturers, including Glock, ETS®, Magpul®, and more. 

At GunMag Warehouse, we offer a large selection of factory and aftermarket Glock magazines, designed to fit every need and every budget. Shop our full collection of Glock 23 mags and save big on your next training session or informal target-shooting adventure!