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German Sports Guns GSG-5 Magazines

About the German Sports Guns GSG-5
The German Sports Guns GSG-5 is a faithful rimfire clone of the world-renowned HK® MP5 with a built-in faux suppressor, welded Picatinny rail, and traditional direct-blowback system. The GSG-5 comes equipped with a polymer pistol grip and polymer handguard, modeled after the original MP5 furniture, while the non-reciprocating side charging handle delivers quick, intuitive operation and the knurled texturing ensures simple manipulation with wet or gloved hands.

In 2009, HK filed a lawsuit against German Sport Guns (GSG) and the GSG-5 was discontinued due to trade dress and design infringements.

Can I Use Aftermarket Magazines and Accessories with my GSG-5?
Yes. There are a number of aftermarket magazines and accessories specifically engineered for use with the GSG-5, including ProMag® magazines, optics, laser sights, and more.

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