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FN High-Power Magazines

About the FN High Power
The new FN® High Power™ is a single-action, hammer-fired pistol chambered in 9mm(9x19mm). The High Power reimagines the legendary 1935 FN pistol conceived by John Browning and features a steel frame with a texturized polymer grip for improved handling and consistent operation in any tactical or personal defense environment. The slide features an oversized ejection port that cycles most factory-loaded ammunition while the rear integrated serrations deliver improved slide manipulation and lightning-fast field service in any environment. Improved ergonomics help eliminate hammer bite and include an extended beavertail design with ribbed polymer or wood grips to help tame recoil for follow-up shots. This hammer-fired pistol also boasts an ambidextrous safety and slide lever for complete comfort and control for both right- and left-handed shooters. The dovetailed sights offer intuitive target acquisition and the single-action trigger delivers a light pull with a crisp break for improved handling on the move. 

Advantages of a Single-Action Semi-Auto Pistol
Hammer-fired pistols have been around for a long time and offer a straightforward and easy-to-use design. Single-action semi-auto pistols give you the best of both worlds. After racking the slide the first time you are good to go. Every time you take a shot the slide will reload a round and cock the hammer for you, unlike a single-action revolver where you have to pull the hammer each time. These pistols also allow you to manually engage or disengage the hammer without having to eject a round from your pistol. The trigger pull of a hammer-fired pistol is super crisp and easy to pull allowing all shooters of every shape and size to operate the firearm reliably under extreme stress.

Why choose the FN High Power pistol?
The new FN High Power Pistol was built for the modern gun owner and is designed to deliver unwavering reliability in high-stress tactical and personal defense environments. Featuring an all-steel design, the High Power boasts a crisp trigger pull and dovetailed iron sights for intuitive control and lightning-fast target acquisition in any defensive environment with ambidextrous controls, so it can be used by right- and left-handed shooters comfortably. 

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