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FN 509CC Edge Magazines

About the FN 509 CC Edge
Introduced in 2022, the FN® 509® CC Edge™ is an optics-ready, striker-fired semi-auto pistol chambered in 9mm(9x19mm) and is the premiere compensated handgun in the FN Edge Series. Perfected in the FN factory for concealed carry performance, the CC Edge features a polymer frame with a texturized grip and weighted extended magazines for improved handling and control in any tactical or personal defense environment. This pistol features FN's Low-Profile Optics Mounting System™ and accepts most red dot sights while the integrated serrations deliver improved manipulation and lightning-fast service in any environment. Plus, the CC Edge features lightening-cuts at the front of the slide to help reduce weight and offers another grip point for quickly racking the slide. The handle boasts a stippled frame texture for enhanced grip and control, with interchangeable backstraps to fit any sized hand and ambidextrous controls provide maximum control for right- and left-handed shooters. The low glare rear and fiber-optic front sights offer intuitive target acquisition and co-witness with most optics for the ultimate versatility while the precision fire-control trigger delivers a light pull with a crisp break for improved handling while on the move. Further, this pistol features an auto-indexing compensator that reduces recoil for added stability and control shot to shot and is removable with a 90° twist.

What Does a Compensator Do?
A compensator reroutes expelled gases from your gun when you shoot the firearm to help the muzzle remain stable. Compensators differ from muzzle brakes in that muzzle brakes direct the expelled gasses backward to push your firearm forward to counteract momentum from shooting. The compensator on the CC Edge helps to keep the muzzle flash out of the shooter's sight line and reduces recoil to enable faster and more accurate shots. This provides a flatter and more controlled shooting experience from shot to shot which is important in any self-defense environment. 

Why choose the FN 509 CC Edge?
The FN 509 CC Edge is designed with concealed carry in mind and is designed for unwavering reliability in high-stress tactical and self-defense situations. As a part of the FN Edge Series, this pistol is designed to exceed the most rigorous quality standards and exhaustive testing demanded by global militaries and law enforcement where only the best examples make the final cut. Boasting a crisp trigger pull, the CC Edge features driftable steel sights that are able to co-witness with most optics for lightning-fast target acquisition in any defensive environment.

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