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About the CZ 75 Shadow 2

The CZ® 75 Shadow 2 is a collection of high-performance, large-capacity steel pistols specifically designed for dynamic sport shooting disciplines to allow shooters to dominate and win the most prestigious IPSC competitions. A cold hammer-forged steel barrel and special corrosion-resistant finish allow this pistol to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions with resistance to mechanical damage to help increase service life. Duralumin aluminum alloy grips combine with a classic beavertail design to give shooters a firm, consistent grasp while aggressive texturing provides added stability to prevent slippage that helps ensure quick follow-up shots and unmatched accuracy. What’s more, this pistol allows users to adjust the frame under the beavertail for improved control and reduction of lift while firing.

A smooth trigger pull combines with a short reset to give shooters the speed they need in the heat of competition while an adjustable magazine release allows shooters to fine-tune their pistol for quick and intuitive use and to maximize reloading speeds. What’s more, this pistol features a longer sight base with an adjustable rear sight that combines with a fiber optic front sight to provide quick, intuitive target acquisition that’s ideal for fast-paced competition and target-rich environments.

What is a beavertail grip?

A beavertail grip gets its name from, you guessed it, beavers. This grip extends up on the back of the pistol grip and helps protect your hand from getting pinched by your firearm’s slide during firing. Another benefit of a beavertail grip is improved ergonomics. Because it helps protect your hand from your firearm’s slide, you’re able to get a higher grip on your firearm for better ergonomics and improved handling during shooting. Not only does this allow for improved accuracy it also helps you to better manage your firearm’s recoil for faster follow-up shots.

Why choose the CZ 75 Shadow 2?

Featuring a smooth trigger pull, durable and ergonomic aluminum grips, and solid steel construction, the CZ 75 Shadow 2 is designed to help you dominate the competition. Stock up on CZ 75 Shadow 2 Magazines from GunMag Warehouse and enjoy reliable firepower without breaking the bank. We carry a wide variety of factory and aftermarket CZ 75 Shadow 2 magazines from renowned manufacturers, including Mec-Gar®, ProMag®, and CZ. Shop our full collection of Shadow 2 mags today!