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About the CZ 527

The CZ® 527 is the best-selling and most sought-after “micro centerfire” line of rifles currently on the market. Discontinued in 2021, this rifle is perfect for varmints, medium game, or just putting holes in paper, this micro-Mauser 527 will get the job done. Built on a .223-length action, this rifle is the tiniest of CZ’s centerfire platforms and is chambered in a number of different cartridges from .17 Hornet, .204 Ruger all the way up to 6.5 Grendel and 7.62x39. A detachable box magazine make reloads quick and easy, while the classic American pattern stock provides superior ergonomics so you can take the perfect shot every time. Further, a sporter-weight hammer-forged barrel provides superior accuracy while the single-set trigger gives you a crisp, clean break every time.

What is a single-set trigger?

The CZ single-set trigger gives users two trigger pull options in one: a standard hunting trigger or a lighter, match-grade trigger. This gives users more flexibility to match their situation whether it’s dropping targets at the range or hunting. All you have to do is push the trigger blade forward until you hear a barely audible click. This turns the trigger into a lighter, match-grade trigger. The single-set trigger allows you to really customize your rifle and find the perfect setup that matches your needs for the firearm.

Why choose the CZ-527?

The CZ 527 features a wide range of popular chamberings and boasts a single set trigger, sporter-weight hammer forged barrel, and superior ergonomics that make it the ideal choice for a hunting rifle. At GunMag Warehouse, we offer a variety of factory OEM CZ 527 magazines at industry-leading prices. Shop our full collection today!