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Colt M4 Magazines

About the Colt M4
Trusted and fielded by US Military personnel, law enforcement agencies, collectors, and tactical shooters alike, the Colt® M4 is the original, military-grade combat version of the AR-15, engineered to deliver superior field service and exceptional accuracy in any tactical or military application. Since its release in 1994, the M4 has undergone nearly 100 modifications and performance-enhancing iterations to improve the weapon's overall reliability, including the burst-fire M4A1, the M4 Mk 18 CQBR, the Enhanced M4, the Armwest LLC M4, and the M4 with under barrel M203 grenade launcher.

Replaced by the Sig Sauer® MCX Spear in 2022, the M4 is designed specifically for lightweight mobility, speedy and intuitive target acquisition, and potent firepower in tactical shooting applications and combat scenarios. Further, the Colt M4 is the only 5.56x45mm NATO carbine in the world today that is manufactured to meet or exceed the Mil-Spec specifications (MILSPEC) and features a direct-impingement gas system, engineered to deliver consistent field service and unwavering reliability, while the selective fire system allows users to quickly switch between semi-auto, full-auto, and burst-fire modes, and the adjustable 6-position stock offers a custom fit for superior comfort and control.

Shop our full collection of M4 magazines and enjoy unparalleled firepower in high-stress tactical and combat applications – without breaking the bank!