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About the Bersa 383A
Trusted by budget-minded target and personal defense shooters, the Bersa® 383A is a micro-compact semi-auto pistol, designed to deliver deep concealment and snag-free carry in any self-defense application. Featuring a fixed barrel design with an external hammer and a reliable single-action fire system, the Bersa 383A boasts a short, yet reliable 3.5” barrel and an elongated rear tang, engineered to deliver consistent field service and a snug, bite-free grip for improved control in high-stress environments. Further, the Bersa 383A boasts a slide-mounted thumb safety and built-in de-cocker for improved safety and reliability, making the 383A the perfect choice for pocket carry enthusiasts and target shooters alike.

What is a Single-Action-Only (SAO) Trigger System?
In a single-action pistol, you must manually cock the hammer or striker (manually or mechanically) before firing and offers a light, crisp pull, ensuring accurate shot placement and improved handling.

Single-Action pistols are known for having relatively light, crisp, and short triggers. The trigger break is also consistent from one shot to the next, requiring minimal effort to release a cocked hammer or striker. Further, the single-action system doesn’t have to both cock and release the hammer, making it the preferred choice for women, youth, and small-framed shooters.

What’s the Advantage of a Micro-Compact Carry Pistol?
Micro-compact pistols are incredibly easy to conceal in virtually any IWB carry position, and even work with some pocket holsters. Though you may sacrifice overall carry capacity (most micro-compact pistols offer a 6+1 or 10+1 capacity), you’ll enjoy deeper concealment with virtually no printing.