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Accuracy International Long Action Magnum Magazines

About Accuracy International Long-Action Magazines
Compatible with hard-hitting magnum loads and performance-enhanced long-action PRS rifles, Accuracy International Long-Action Magnum Magazines are a detachable-style centerfire rifle magazine design, engineered to be used with long-action bolt-action rifles equipped with AICS (Accuracy International Chassis System) magwells and chassis systems. Designed and produced by Accuracy International, a world-renowned manufacturer of premium sniper rifles and precision rifles based in the UK, AICS magazines are typically constructed of a durable, yet lightweight aluminum, stainless steel, or advanced polymer, delivering unparalleled reliability and consistent operation in virtually any environment. AICS rifle magazines are used with a variety of premium centerfire rifles including the Sig Sauer® CROSS, the Ruger® precision rifles, and Remington® 700.

Today, AICS Magnum magazines are often regarded as the gold standard for precision rifles, tactical sniper rifles, and performance-enhanced hunting rifles alike. Shop our collection of AICS rifle magazines today and enjoy smooth, consistent operation and dependable feeding performance at an affordable price anyone can afford.