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2011 Magazines

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About the 2011 Pistol

Invented by the founders and engineers at Staccato (formerly STI), the 2011 was designed to keep the positive attributes of the 1911 (the trigger, ergonomics, etc.) while enhancing capacity and reliability. Further, those competitive shooters wanted to be able to customize the pistol to their liking with a modular platform. Thus, the 2011 was born. 

Modeled after the famed 1911 semi-auto pistol, the 2011 is a modernized, double-stack modular pistol, engineered to deliver improved recoil management, customizable controls, and enhanced carry capacity. Generally used in competitive target shooting, self-defense, and law enforcement applications, the 2011 boasts a lightweight trigger, ambidextrous safeties, lightweight polymer frames, integrated rails, and interchangeable grips, backstraps, and grip panels.

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