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Hoppe's BoreSnake 12 Gauge Shotgun Bore Cleaner

Hoppe's BoreSnake 12 Gauge Shotgun Bore Cleaner « »

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SKU: 24035
Brand: Hoppe's
UPC: 026285240351
Caliber: 12 Gauge
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This is a Hoppe’s BoreSnake 12-gauge Shotgun Bore Cleaner.


The original all-in-one bore cleaner, Hoppe’s Bore Snake is the fastest, easiest way to take your barrel from dirty to spotless.

Designed with ease of use in mind, the Bore Snake integrates the cleaning process into a single sweep down the barrel. The first section swabs away large fouling, followed by bronze bristles to dislodge any stubborn carbon. Last, the massive cleaning surface wipes down the barrel and bore with more than 160x the surface area of a standard patch.

The Bore Snake is machine-washable, and can be rolled up and fit into a pocket. A brass weight, stamped with the caliber for easy identification, makes it a breeze                           

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