FNH FN FNAR .308/7.62x51mm 20-Round Factory Steel Magazine


FNH FN FNAR .308/7.62x51mm 20-Round Factory Steel Magazine


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  • The follower is constructed of a proprietary DuPont?Zytelÿ™ based polymer to ensure a long service life.

  • The springs are made from heat treated Chrome-silicon wire for increased reliability and smooth feeding.

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This is a factory 20-round magazine for FN FNAR rifles.

Combining out-of-the-box 1-MOA accuracy with a proven semi-automatic action and FN Herstal trusted brand name, the FNAR is a unique long-range platform that’s flexible enough to be used by military or police—or spend the weekend hunting for deer.

These 20-round factory FNAR magazines are engineered to FNAR’s exacting standards for perfect fit and function in your precision rifle. Constructed from durable stainless steel with a black finish, these proprietary magazines fit FNAR rifles only.

Grab a few spare magazines to maximize your trigger time and make the most of the FNAR’s rapid firepower.