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CZ VZ-58 7.62x39 30-Round Factory Magazine

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CZ VZ-58 7.62x39 30-Round Factory Magazine


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SKU: MA1058
Brand: CZ-USA
Caliber: 7.62 x 39mm
Capacity: 30-Round
Material: Aluminum
  • Grade A
  • Magazines may have scratches from storage
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This is a MILITARY SURPLUS VZ-58 30-round magazine for rifles in 7.62x39mm.

These military surplus magazines are crafted from lightweight aluminum and offered “As-is.” That said, issues with these magazines are exceedingly rare. They’re imported by Century Arms International and designed for use with VZ-58 rifles chambered in 7.62x39mm.

Sharing many of the features and functions of the AK-47, the VZ-58 is a distinct rifle known for its fine craftsmanship, its accuracy, and its proprietary magazines (which are NOT interchangeable with AK magazines due to their unique bolt hold-open feature).

Pick up a few military surplus magazines for your VZ-58 rifle while we’ve got them in stock!