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Cloud Defensive REIN Micro Weapon Light Standard Kit

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Brand: Cloud Defensive
Battery: 18350

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After over 2 years in development and testing, the REIN Micro is here at last. It represents a quantum leap forward in both performance and critical features that shooters need and rely on. Putting out well over 55,000 Candela at 1,300 lumens, it’s one of the most powerful weapon lights on the market. Available in multiple configurations, it’s adaptable to your needs and made here in the USA by Cloud Defensive. Modular 3-piece design makes the REIN upgradeable over time. REIN comes standard with a push-button-only configuration. Located in the tail cap, the switch offers both momentary-on and constant-on capability. Patented remote switch (optional) offers both momentary and constant-on functionality. The remote switch is electrically isolated from the push-button switch located on the tail cap. If your remote switch suffers a catastrophic failure, your REIN still works via the tail cap button. Candela: 55,000 Lumens: 1,300 Length: 4.91″ Weight without battery 4.95 oz. Weight with battery 5.75 oz. Battery: 18350
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