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Zastava Arms

Zastava Arms

 Zastava Arms: Timeless Serbian Firepower

Zastava Arms is the heart of Serbian industry—founded all the way back in 1853 to cast cannon barrels and howitzers.

Since then, they’ve developed a reputation for offering classic, Soviet-style firearms at affordable prices. Zastava is a manufacturing powerhouse, exporting a wide variety of firearms and equipment to over 40 different countries.

From their Mauser clone M48 bolt-action rifle to more modern offerings like the M88, a 9mm pistol based on the rugged and reliable Tokarev design, Zastava weapons are known for their accuracy and reliability.

Zastava is best known to American consumers for their PAP series of AK-inspired rifles including the M70 (PAP, N-PAP and O-PAP), M77, M85 AK pistol and M92 AK pistol. These weapons are designed to comply with US firearms import regulations with a few key features that set them apart from other AK-style rifles.

For maximum performance and consistent feeding, we recommend using only factory magazines with your Zastava firearms.

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