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Walther Magazines

Walther Magazines

Walther: Classic German Craftsmanship For Everyday Training & Defense

Started as a small family business over 100 years ago, Walther Arms has become one of the world’s top providers for high-quality civilian and Law Enforcement firearms.

Building on the success of their iconic P38 and PPK series of pistols, Walther is quickly becoming one of the market leaders of the new century with popular new striker-fired guns like the polymer-framed PPQ (“Police Pistol Quick”) the impressive, concealment-ready subcompact PPS (Police Pistol Slim), and the new, budget-friendly Walther “Creed” pistol.

The PPQ combines all the features we’ve come to expect from modern, striker-fired pistols including interchangeable backstraps, integrated safety features, and ambidextrous controls. Its compact size and impressive trigger make the PPQ a great competitor for the ever-present Glock 19, while PPQ Q5 offers match-ready performance right out of the box.

Meanwhile, the Walther PPQ offers one of the best combinations of triggers and ergonomics you’ll find on a concealment-ready pistol in today’s markets. With up to 9 rounds in magazine capacity, it’s stayed competitive even in the fast-evolving market for concealed carry pistols.

Perhaps best of all, Walther’s products come with their “Legendary Limited Lifetime Warranty” to ensure reliable performance and craftsmanship for decades to come.

Outshining the competition at prices that can’t be beat, Walther firearms rely on rugged factory magazines to ensure maximum functionality and reliability. Common magazine features include: stainless steel construction, high-visibility followers, and special anti-friction coating.

Combining precision German engineering with an All-American warranty, you can trust Walther firearms to perform when you need them most.

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