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USGI Magazines

USGI Magazines

USGI Magazines: Standard Issue, Superior Quality


America’s fighting men & women have trusted United States Government Issue (USGI) magazines for decades, with some even believing that USGI magazines are superior to all but the very best commercially-available mags on the market.

USGI magazines are strictly regulated, forced to pass a battery of stringent tests and quality control requirements in order to be accepted for duty. While competition can lead to innovation, no aftermarket magazine can ever claim the same track record of performance that government issue mags have.

USGI magazines are offered for a variety of standard-issue firearms including the M1A/M14 rifle in 7.62x51mm and AR-15/M-4 pattern rifles in 5.56x45mm/.223 Remington.

Some shooters choose to start with combat-ready USGI steel magazines and then upgrade to anti-tilt followers or improved baseplates like those offered by Magpul.

These upgrade parts are available in different colors, which can help distinguish different calibers and loadings for your magazines—while retaining the classic look and authenticity of the genuine article.

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