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Tapco Magazines

Tapco Magazines

 TAPCO Magazines: Quality, Service & Innovation


With a focus on uncompromising quality and customer service, TAPCO has become a top producer of firearms magazines and accessories for a variety of popular weapons platforms.

Founded as a small mail-order business in Atlanta over 25 years ago, TAPCO quickly grew a base of loyal customers thanks to its stellar service and innovative magazine designs.

These days, they’re best-known for their lightweight, detachable SKS magazines and their impact-resistant, combat-ready INTRAFUSE magazines and accessories. From carbine handguards and foregrips to adjustable stocks and slings, INTRAFUSE offers affordable customization for your favorite rifles.

They also produce a variety of components, stocks and parts for weapons like the 12-gauge Saiga shotgun, Remington 870 shotgun, Ruger 10/22 rimfire rifle, Mini-14/Mini-30, and AR-15 pattern rifle.

Using cutting-edge CAD design and accelerated prototyping, they’ve been a consistent innovator in the increasingly competitive market for magazines and firearms accessories.

Since 2005, TAPCO has shifted all of its production and manufacturing into the United States, and all their products are backed by a lifetime guarantee—ensuring years and years of reliable service.

Delivering no-frills reliability and superior performance at a price that never breaks the bank, TAPCO’s magazines and accessories are perfect for range trips and rugged training days.

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