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Ruger Magazines

Ruger Magazines

Ruger: Classic All-American Rimfire Dominance & Precision Centerfire for Ranch, Range or Home Defense


Bill Ruger and Alexander Sturm started Sturm, Ruger & Company just a few years after the end of World War II in a rented machine shop in Southport, Connecticut …

After reverse engineering a captured Japanese “Nambu” pistol acquired from a returning Marine, the pair set out to manufacture and market the first version of their classic 22/45 rimfire pistol—and the rest is history.

Between their inception in 1949 and 2004, Sturm, Ruger & Co. (Ruger for short) has produced over 20 million firearms. As of 2015, Ruger was officially determined to be America’s largest manufacturer of civilian firearms, as well as the second-largest manufacturer of both pistols and rifles.

In addition to being renowned for their high quality revolvers, Ruger’s 10/22 rifle and 22/45 pistols are respectively the most popular rimfire rifle and pistol in the world—with an aftermarket of magazines and accessories unrivaled by virtually any other firearms in the world aside from the AR-15. This includes popular variants like the 10/22 Backpacker and Ruger Charger pistol.

With new models like the Ruger Precision Rifle (RPR), Ruger American Pistol & Predator Rifle, they’ve only further solidified a great reputation for producing ultra-reliable, high performance at a price even casual shooters can afford.

Ruger produces their own factory replacement & upgrade magazines (like BX-1 upgrade mags for your 10/22 rifle) in-house. Ruger factory magazines impressive value and the kind of superior fit and function you need to ensure steady feeding with a wide variety of rimfire ammunition. Despite lacking an official warranty, Ruger maintains a reputation for stellar customer service and follow-up to ensure each product lives up to your expectations.

As you shop for magazines, keep in mind that different magazines can work with different generations of pistol—so a Mark I 22/45 magazine won’t work with a Mark III—and not all Ruger P-series magazines are interchangeable.

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